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Latest Articles

Brushless DC (BLDC) motors suit lab automation

Servotechnic | Added: 19 Apr 2007

Nema 17 BLDC range

Miniature actuator now has feedback

Servotechnic | Added: 19 Dec 2006

Haydon size 8 hybrid linear actuators

Compact actuator offers high resolution

Servotechnic | Added: 27 Nov 2006

Haydon 36000 series

Online selection tool for stepper motors

Servotechnic | Added: 13 Jul 2006

Designer's Corner

Hybrid actuator catalogue features new updates

Servotechnic | Added: 8 Jun 2006

Hybrid Actuator Catalogue

Improved website goes live

Servotechnic | Added: 23 May 2006

Servotechnic announces the launch of an updated website for Haydon Switch (HSI), for which it is ex…

Prices lowered on pancake steppers

Servotechnic | Added: 28 Apr 2006

80000 series stepper motor

Smart motor comes at a sensible price

Servotechnic | Added: 12 Apr 2006

SilverPak 17T

New catalogue for nuts and leadscrews

Servotechnic | Added: 30 Mar 2006

Nuts and leadscrews


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