2500-A, Dean Lesher Drive

Latest Articles

Levelcheck module reports tube sample volume

BioMicroLab | Added: 8 Nov 2010

Levelcheck module

Samplescan reads 2D bar-coded labware

BioMicroLab | Added: 27 Oct 2009

Samplescan Mini

Biomicrolab updates benchtop tube sorting system

BioMicroLab | Added: 17 Oct 2008

XL100 vial handling system

Next generation robotic tube and vial handling

BioMicroLab | Added: 21 Jul 2008

XL100 vial handling system

The next generation of robotic tube handling

BioMicroLab | Added: 5 Feb 2008

XL100 vial handling instrument

High-speed reader handles 2D barcodes

BioMicroLab | Added: 7 Feb 2006

SampleScan High Speed


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