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Structure of bacterial chainmail discovered

BBSRC | Added: 11 Jun 2012

Scientists has uncovered the structure of the protective protein coat which surrounds many bacteria…

Blood cells

Funding to highlight growth opportunities for synthetic biology

BBSRC | Added: 25 May 2012

The government is to boost innovation in synthetic biology by investing up to £6.5m to encourage bu…

Collaborations to improve medicine production

BBSRC | Added: 13 Jun 2011

Biopharmaceuticals training

Research demonstrates potential for bio batteries

BBSRC | Added: 24 May 2011

using bacteria to generate energy

BBSRC awards funding for agri-food schemes

BBSRC | Added: 23 May 2011

Agri-food schemes

Stem cell versatility through 3D experiments

BBSRC | Added: 31 Mar 2011

3D lab experiments/stem cells

Project will find antibiotics to kill tuberculosis

BBSRC | Added: 11 Mar 2011

Project will find antibiotics to kill tuberculosis

Protein collisions shown to derail DNA replication

BBSRC | Added: 23 Feb 2011

Protein machine collisions derail DNA replication


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