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Latest Articles

Unitemp constant temperature/humidity chamber

Unitemp | Added: 9 Feb 2011

Constant temperature and humidity chamber

Environmental test chambers heat samples at 3C/min

Unitemp | Added: 1 Feb 2010

AR series environmental test chambers

Unitemp unveils ARS-1100 climatic chamber

Unitemp | Added: 24 Mar 2009

ARS-1100 climatic chamber

Use these chambers to simulate corrosion

Unitemp | Added: 1 Jul 2008

Cofomegra corrosion chambers

Simulated weathering chambers at lower cost

Unitemp | Added: 14 Apr 2008

1500e RH and the 3000e RH

Temperature and humidity chambers are walk-in type

Unitemp | Added: 3 Mar 2008

Walk-in type temperature and humidity chambers

Environmental test centre lets you do it yourself

Unitemp | Added: 29 Oct 2007

U-Test Environmental Self Test Centre

Liquid-liquid thermal shock chambers are economic

Unitemp | Added: 30 Mar 2007

TSB series from Espec


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