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Mobile apps from Accelrys

Mobile apps from Accelrys

Accelrys | Added: 24 Apr 2014

Purpose-built applications from Accelrys are designed to accelerate innovation and collaboration wi…

Driving the evolution of cheminformatics systems

Accelrys | Added: 2 Feb 2007

Cheminformatics Consortium

Enhanced suite of Accord cheminformatics software

Accelrys | Added: 31 Jan 2007

Accord Database Explorer 3.0

New imaging collection for SciTegic Pipeline Pilot

Accelrys | Added: 23 Jan 2007

Imaging Collection for SciTegic Pipeline Pilot

Structural Database ties in with Materials Studio

Accelrys | Added: 4 Jan 2007

Materials Studio 4.1

Operating platform for scientific discovery

Accelrys | Added: 16 Nov 2006

SciTegic Pipeline Pilot 6.0

Life science modelling and simulation gets better

Accelrys | Added: 15 Nov 2006

Discovery Studio 1.7

Enhanced chemicals and materials modelling suite

Accelrys | Added: 15 Nov 2006

Materials Studio 4.1

Customer satisfaction for scientific platform

Accelrys | Added: 4 Oct 2006

Discovery Studio 1.6

Inaugural meeting of Nanobiology Initiative

Accelrys | Added: 13 Sep 2006

Nanobiology Initiative


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