Fiz Chemie Berlin

Fiz Chemie Berlin
Franklinstrasse 11
PO Box 12 03 37

Latest Articles

Data mining methods applied to chemistry journal

Fiz Chemie Berlin | Added: 3 Sep 2010

Data mining technologies

Fiz Chemie demonstrates multimedia learning units

Fiz Chemie Berlin | Added: 8 May 2009

Multimedia learning units

Fiz Chemie to present learning modules

Fiz Chemie Berlin | Added: 1 Apr 2009

Fiz Chemie Berlin and the University of Applied Sciences Wildau will show 'New Paths through the Tr…

Research in chemoinformatics by young scientists

Fiz Chemie Berlin | Added: 2 Mar 2007

CINF Scholarship for Scientific Excellence

Portal to a world of German chemistry

Fiz Chemie Berlin | Added: 24 Nov 2006

Internet-based information and knowledge platform provides access to education, research, conferenc…

New sponsorship in technical chemical information

Fiz Chemie Berlin | Added: 11 Sep 2006

The Cinf-Fiz Scholarship for Scientific Excellence will be awarded for good ideas and research work…

Alliance to improve supply of scientific info

Fiz Chemie Berlin | Added: 30 Aug 2006

The managing director of Fiz Chemie Berlin warns of the loss of current research findings through t…


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