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Latest Articles

Bio filters can be used to produce vaccines

3M | Added: 4 Nov 2011

Lifeassure series of filters

Compact high-flow filters reduce system footprint

3M | Added: 14 Apr 2011

3M High Flow Filtration System

3M range includes Peltor eyewear protection brand

3M | Added: 3 Mar 2010

Peltor eyewear protection brand

3M announces encapsulated filtration system

3M | Added: 15 Dec 2009

Zeta Plus Encapsulated System

Soft headcovers combat protection concerns

3M | Added: 16 Jun 2009

Soft headcovers

SS Services continues supply of 3M respirators

3M | Added: 2 Oct 2008

1800 Series particulate respirator

3M strengthens respirator range

3M | Added: 2 Oct 2008

9922 FFP2 particulate respirator

3M opens its laboratory doors for business

3M | Added: 23 Nov 2006

3M Analytical Services



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