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DSPCon - latest company news

DSPCon | Added: 25 Sep 2009

25 September 2009 - DSPCon has revamped its website, which features information on the company's po…

Dataflex-515 data recorder weighs less than 20lbs

DSPCon | Added: 7 Jul 2009

Dataflex-515 data recorder

DSPCon wins SBIR grant for data-analysis system

DSPCon | Added: 26 Mar 2009

The Naval Air Warfare Center has awarded an USD80,000 SBIR (GBP55,065) grant to DSPCon to develop s…

DSPCon releases Dataflex-1000A data recorder

DSPCon | Added: 11 Feb 2009

data recorder

DSPCon strengthens engineering team

DSPCon | Added: 9 Jan 2009

DSPCon has strengthened its engineering team with the appointment of Anatoly Kotlarsky in the role …

DSPCon appoints Ogg to board of directors

DSPCon | Added: 4 Dec 2008

DSPCon has announced a new appointment to its board of directors.

DSPCon awarded research grant

DSPCon | Added: 4 Nov 2008

Propulsion Health Management systems

Wideband data recorders are flight-capable

DSPCon | Added: 2 Jul 2008


ISO 9001:2000 certification for DSPCon

DSPCon | Added: 19 Apr 2007

Quality management standard developed by the International Organisation for Standardisation, ISO 90…



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