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PetroSpec QuickSpec

System speeds up analysis of ethanol and water

PAC | Added: 16 Jul 2012

PetroSpec QuickSpec is PAC’s latest portable analyser for rapid analysis of ethanol and water in ga…

PAC offers 'economical' liquid autosampler

PAC | Added: 7 Oct 2011

Model 758 Liquid Autosampler

PAC launches jet-fuel thermal oxidation test tool

PAC | Added: 18 Aug 2011

Alcor Intelligent Heater Tube

PAC to hold Multitek training classes

PAC | Added: 7 Jun 2011

Multitek training courses

Analyser detects FAMEs in aviation turbine fuel

PAC | Added: 17 May 2011

FAME in Avtur analyser

Courses keep customers updated on lab technology

PAC | Added: 6 Apr 2011

PAC training courses

Pac's online parts store enables 24/7 ordering

PAC | Added: 23 Feb 2011

Online Parts Store

Hydrocarbon analyser targets food industry

PAC | Added: 21 Feb 2011

Antek R1140 Total Hydrocarbon Analyzer

PAC to exhibit analytical products at Gas2011

PAC | Added: 2 Feb 2011

Analytical products

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