Fluxion Biosciences

Fluxion Biosciences
384 Oyster Point Blvd. #6
South San Francisco, CA

Latest Articles

Workstation enables high-content cellular assays

Fluxion Biosciences | Added: 29 Jun 2009

Bioflux 1000 workstation

Euroclone to distribute Bioflux products

Fluxion Biosciences | Added: 23 Apr 2009

Fluxion Biosciences has announced a distribution agreement with Euroclone, based in Milan, Italy.

Fluxion unveils automated patch clamp systems

Fluxion Biosciences | Added: 5 Mar 2009

Ionflux-HT and Ionflux-16

Fluxion enters distribution deal with Westburg

Fluxion Biosciences | Added: 5 Dec 2008

Fluxion Biosciences has announced an exclusive distribution agreement with the Netherlands-based We…

Labtech to distribute Bioflux tools in the UK

Fluxion Biosciences | Added: 12 Nov 2008

Bioflux research tools


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