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nanoTherics launches transfection systems

Nanotherics | Added: 22 Jan 2012

Transfection systems

Magnefect-nano II offers gene transfection

Nanotherics | Added: 22 Sep 2011

Magnefect-nano II

Magnefect-LT device offers gene transfection

Nanotherics | Added: 21 Jan 2011

Magnefect-LT device

Nanotherics - latest company news

Nanotherics | Added: 29 Apr 2009

29 April 2009 - Nanotherics and US-based Nanobiomagnetics have entered into a global cross-license …

Magnefect-nano improves gene transfection

Nanotherics | Added: 6 Mar 2009


AWM grant helps gene transfection developments

Nanotherics | Added: 24 Dec 2008

Advantage West Midlands (AWM), a regional development agency, has awarded a research and developmen…


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