BioCity Nottingham

BioCity Nottingham
Pennyfoot Street

Latest Articles

Yorkshire Bank provides support to Biocity

BioCity Nottingham | Added: 28 Jan 2010

Yorkshire Bank is to become a corporate partner of Biocity, the rapidly growing bioscience incubato…

Bio-Entrepreneur School opens for applications

BioCity Nottingham | Added: 13 Nov 2009

Bio-Entrepreneur School

PDA to host mollicutes seminar

BioCity Nottingham | Added: 13 Aug 2009

PDA mollicutes seminar

Bio-Entrepreneur School sees record applications

BioCity Nottingham | Added: 11 Mar 2009

QED Bio-Entrepreneur School

Biocity Nottingham steps into gap left by banks

BioCity Nottingham | Added: 4 Mar 2009

Biocity Nottingham has acquired laboratory equipment for businesses at Biocity and will lease it to…


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