IKS International

IKS International
Kievitsven 54
5249 JK Rosmalen
Postbus 8 5200A

Latest Articles

IKS introduces lab monitoring consultancy service

IKS International | Added: 16 May 2011

Lab monitoring consultancy service

Incubators give high security with low gas usage

IKS International | Added: 23 Feb 2011

IVS-9000GC and IVS-9160GC triple-gas incubators

IKS modules enhance sample monitoring system

IKS International | Added: 27 Sep 2010

Communications modules

IVF lab installs IKS sample storage equipment

IKS International | Added: 31 Aug 2010

Sample storage and security equipment

IKS launches compact bench-top autoclaves

IKS International | Added: 8 Jun 2010

Bench-top autoclaves

Xiltrix allows laboratory and equipment monitoring

IKS International | Added: 12 May 2010

Xiltrix laboratory monitoring system

IKS adds interface substations to Xiltrix system

IKS International | Added: 18 Mar 2010

Titan interface substations

IKS introduces CO2 direct-heat incubators

IKS International | Added: 4 Feb 2010

INB-203 CO2 incubators



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