Hamilton Robotics

Hamilton Robotics
4970 Energy Way
Reno, Nevada

Latest Articles

Decapping Microlab STAR Workstation

Hamilton unveils unique workstation

Hamilton Robotics | Added: 8 May 2014

Hamilton Robotics launches pipetting workstation to provide simultaneous, multiple tube decapping a…


Hamilton and GE introduce easyPunch STARlet system

Hamilton Robotics | Added: 13 Nov 2012

easyPunch STARlet is the first fully automated system integrating sample card punching and liquid h…

Hamilton develops sample lysis solution

Hamilton Robotics | Added: 15 Feb 2012

Sample lysis solution

Piercing tips for liquid-handling platforms

Hamilton Robotics | Added: 26 Jul 2011

Co-re piercing tips

Hamilton introduces multi-channel pipetting head

Hamilton Robotics | Added: 10 Feb 2011

TDAM 96 multi-channel pipetting head

Automated compound storage/screening system at UNC

Hamilton Robotics | Added: 28 Jan 2011

Automated compound storage/screening system at UNC

Touch-screen monitor for liquid-handling systems

Hamilton Robotics | Added: 14 Jul 2010

Microlab touch-screen monitor


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