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Latest Articles

Hazardous materials storage

Safe hazardous materials storage

Work Area Ltd | Added: 13 Jun 2014

Hazardous materials cabinets from Work Area are designed for the safe, controlled storage of substa…

Laboratory footrest

The benefits of a lab footrest

Work Area Ltd | Added: 24 Mar 2014

The ideal sitting position is to keep your knees slightly higher than your hips and with your feet …

A5 antimicrobial lab chair

Antimicrobial laboratory seating

Work Area Ltd | Added: 21 Feb 2014

The AV-5 vinyl covered laboratory chair is effective in reducing the spread of airborne pathogens s…

Lab seating colours

Brighten up your laboratory

Work Area Ltd | Added: 13 Feb 2014

Laboratory furniture firm Work Area offers an extensive range of varied colour chairs and stools fo…

Laboratory seating from Work Area

Good laboratory seating essential

Work Area Ltd | Added: 6 Feb 2014

Having the right laboratory seating to prevent repetitive strain injuries (RSIs) and back complaint…


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