McBain Systems
2665 Park Center Drive
Building A
Simi Valley
CA 93065

Latest Articles

McBain Systems - latest company news

McBain Systems | Added: 6 May 2010

6 May 2010 - McBain Systems has received a 2009 Industry Division Growth Award from Leica Microsyst…

New wafer loader for semi-automated microscopy

McBain Systems | Added: 14 Mar 2007

Wafer Handler WL150 and WL200 series

Confocal microscopy for the USA

McBain Systems | Added: 23 May 2005


Leica in southwestern USA

McBain Systems | Added: 12 May 2005

McBain Instruments has added Arizona, New Mexico and west Texas territories to its dealership for L…

40 years in microscopy sales

McBain Systems | Added: 4 May 2005

Company was founded in southern California in 1965 by athletics star, and has jumped plenty of hurd…



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