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Extraction fume hood offers improved safety

Camlab | Added: 28 Apr 2011

Green Fume Hood from Erlab

Automated water analysis for small to medium labs

Camlab | Added: 5 Jan 2011

Man-Tech Associates PC-BOD water analysis system

Pecod analyser measures chemical oxygen demand

Camlab | Added: 1 Apr 2010

Pecod COD analyser

Camlab turbidity meter has auto-ranging feature

Camlab | Added: 11 Mar 2010

Turbidity meter

Camlab releases 2010 plastics catalogue

Camlab | Added: 22 Feb 2010

Plastics catalogue

Colorimeter offers cost-effective water testing

Camlab | Added: 29 Jan 2010

MC500 multi-parameter colorimeter

Ductless fume hoods have 50 filter combinations

Camlab | Added: 2 Jul 2009

Captair models of Erlab ductless fume hoods

Submersible magnetic stirrers start up jerk-free

Camlab | Added: 23 Jun 2009

2mag submersible magnetic stirrers

Camlab offers real-time COD analyser

Camlab | Added: 15 Apr 2009

COD analyser


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