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Latest Articles

Finemech will sell Kern's scales and balances

Finemech | Added: 25 Nov 2008

Finemech will offer Kern and Sohn's weighing scales and balances at its online store as part of an …

New US distributor for Bohlender products

Finemech | Added: 27 Jul 2006

Bohlender products

Teaming up to deliver top quality lab glassware

Finemech | Added: 17 Jun 2005

Normag glassware

Vacuubrand expands distribution online

Finemech | Added: 18 Oct 2004

General company product range

Compact rotary vane pump for chemical labs

Finemech | Added: 18 Mar 2004

Ilmvac PK 6 D

Exclusive online source for dosing pumps

Finemech | Added: 22 Jan 2004

Telab dosing pumps


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