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Precise dispensing from one device

Precise dispensing from one device

Added: 1 Sep 2023

With the PETTE fix, vario and multi pipettes, IKA combines the most popular features of a laborator…

Lisa and her team at the ICR use INTEGRA’s VIAFLO electronic pipettes to increase throughput in their preclinical drug screening and translational medicine workflows.

INTEGRA Biosciences’ pipettes help to advance cancer drug discovery

Added: 21 Jun 2023

The Institute for Cancer Research (ICR), part of the University of London, is using VIAFLO electron…

Ann Roberts, Senior Lab Manager at the Roberts Lab, says that INTEGRA’s VOYAGER pipette is the team's favorite piece of lab equipment

INTEGRA pipettes offer peak proteomics productivity at Emory University School of Medicine

Added: 21 May 2023

Researchers at Emory University School of Medicine are using INTEGRA Biosciences’ VOYAGER adjustabl…

INTEGRA Biosciences is giving away a VIAFLO 96 handheld electronic pipette in a prize draw.

Win a VIAFLO 96 handheld electronic pipette bundle to take microplate pipetting to the next level

Added: 15 Apr 2023

INTEGRA Biosciences is giving away a VIAFLO 96 handheld electronic pipette – as well as pipette tip…

INTEGRA VIAFLO electronic pipettes used in award-winning iGEM research.

Award-winning project uses INTEGRA pipettes for success in international genetic engineering competition

Added: 15 Apr 2023

Students from the University of Groningen, Netherlands, used VIAFLO electronic pipettes donated by …

ASSIST PLUS pipetting robot simplifies contaminant testing of hemp, CBD, and medical cannabis products.

INTEGRA pipettes help to ensure the safety of medical marijuana

Added: 28 Jan 2023

Talon Analytical, a cannabis testing laboratory in Long Island, New York, is using INTEGRA Bioscien…

Prolonged manual pipetting puts users at risk of developing hand, neck and shoulder injuries

Improving ergonomic pipetting in the laboratory

Added: 18 Nov 2019

Electronic and manual pipettes from INTEGRA Biosciences are designed to improve ergonomic pipetting…

 ASSIST PLUS pipetting robot

INTEGRA offers hands-free multichannel pipetting

Added: 1 Mar 2018

INTEGRA has launched the ASSIST PLUS pipetting robot to put automated pipetting within reach of vir…

The difficulties associated with using handheld multichannel pipettes are familiar to every lab scientist

Multichannel pipetting to make you smile

Added: 5 Sep 2017

INTEGRA aims to make multichannel pipetting quicker and easier than ever by combining its range of …

Free no-obligation pipette trial from Sartorius

Added: 14 Jul 2017

Sartorius are offering free trials of their ergonomically designed mechanical and electronic pipett…

new alpha laboratories website

Alpha Laboratories Launch New Look Website

Alpha Laboratories | Added: 15 Jan 2016

Following a customer survey, the Alpha Laboratories website has now been completely re-developed an…

Anachem has revamped its online shop

Anachem improves its eShop

Anachem | Added: 20 Nov 2015

Anachem has relaunched its website, re-vamped to make it faster and easier to use.

the Picus NxT electronic pipette

Quality electronic pipettes from Alpha Labs

Alpha Laboratories | Added: 6 Feb 2015

The Picus NxT electronic pipette brings all the benefits of the original Picus models while being i…