Latest Product Update

Many traditional tube readers find Acoustix tubes difficult to read

Innovations Assist Compound Management in Pharma Drug Discovery

Added: 15 Sep 2020

Ziath has released a module enabling its Mirage, Cube and Express tube readers to decode Brooks Aco…

The surface energy of Vyon and its internal tortuous structure can be altered to promote hydrophilic characteristics

Hydrophilic Vyon Plastics Demonstrate High Performance for Drug Discovery Applications

Added: 13 Sep 2020

Testing on Porvair Sciences' hydrophilic Vyon porous plastics has demonstrated its high performance…

Asynt has introduced a second-generation version of its DrySyn OCTO reaction station

High Quality 8-Position Parallel Reaction Station

Added: 13 Sep 2020

Asynt has introduced a second-generation version of its DrySyn OCTO reaction station, adding improv…

Forba’s collection is suitable for sectors such as electronics, pharmaceuticals, health and data centres

Forbo flooring has it under control

Added: 11 Sep 2020

The newly created ‘Under Control’ collection from Forbo Flooring Systems is designed to provide a d…

World Sepsis Day is 13 September

World Sepsis Day on September 13 – faster identification of sepsis from Beckman Coulter Indicator

Added: 11 Sep 2020

Marking Word Sepsis Day this month, Beckman Coulter supports hospitals and laboratories in their ef…

Horiba Duetta

How Inner-Filter Effects (IFE) can affect your fluorescence measurements: A case study - Colloidal InP Quantum Dots

Added: 9 Sep 2020

HORIBA used its new its two-in-one absorbable and fluorescence spectrometer, Duetta, to demonstrate…

Freeze drying can be beneficial for a wide range of products

How freeze drying in food processing is enabling superior results

Added: 25 Aug 2020

Biopharma has expanded its production capabilities for food freeze drying, introducing services bui…

The Homogeniser Spin Column has been optimised for RNA extraction from buccal swabs.

Effective Buccal Swab RNA Extraction for COVID-19 Diagnostic Testing

Added: 25 Aug 2020

Porvair Sciences announces a special version of its Homogeniser Spin Column, optimised for RNA extr…

Ingenza Ltd. has been working closely with researchers at Oxford University and the UK CPI

Ingenza meets a key milestone in the deployment of novel cost-effective COVID-19 vaccine technology

Added: 20 Aug 2020

Edinburgh-based biotech company Ingenza Ltd. has made a significant breakthrough in the race to dev…

Metrohm has published application notes to assist manufacturers of disinfectants

Quality control of disinfectants

Added: 17 Aug 2020

Frequent handwashing using water and soap and stringent use of disinfectants are fundamental in the…

EV400 rotary evaporator

Analytix offers Labtech’s latest rotary evaporators

Added: 13 Aug 2020

Labtech’s latest series of rotary evaporators, featuring with safety features including flask autol…

TEL’s AFA 5000 Room Space Controller has been upgraded to offer improved screen resolution, air control, flexibility and ease of use.

Sustainable Laboratory Airflow Control Upgrades From TEL

Added: 12 Aug 2020

TEL has upgraded two of its environmentally sustainable airflow control products to further enhance…

Titan Enterprises has provided optimised flow metering solutions for diverse applications

Application Optimised Flow Meters

Added: 11 Aug 2020

With a comprehensive range standard oval gear, turbine and ultrasonic flow meters and instruments T…

Titan offers two options for ATEX compliant operation of its OG flow meters

Flow Monitoring in an Explosive Atmosphere

Added: 10 Aug 2020

Titan Enterprises offers special options for its Oval Gear flow meters to ensure safe operation in …

Povair sterile deep-well microplate

Sterile Deep Well Plates

Added: 6 Aug 2020

Porvair Sciences offers a range of sterile deep well microplates for sensitive biological and drug …

Mohawk semi-automated tube picker

Time-Saving Automation for Small Biobanks

Added: 6 Aug 2020

Ziath has seen a strong uptake of its Mohawk semi-automated tube picker in smaller biobanks and bio…

Asynt’s DrySyn SnowStorm Reactor and DrySyn Splitter Manifold were used by researchers

Sub Ambient Synthesis of Novel Gold Organometallic Complexes

Added: 30 Jul 2020

Asynt’s DrySyn SnowStorm Reactor and DrySyn Splitter Manifold have been used by researchers at the …

SLS has launched its latest catalogue

Scientific Laboratory Supplies Catalogue Available Now!

Added: 30 Jul 2020

Scientific Laboratory Supplies’ (SLS) latest Catalogue is out now. Building on changes made for the…


Severn Alcohol Gel Available in Pump Dispenser

Added: 25 Jul 2020

Severn-Alco-Gel >70% ABV in a lotion pump dispenser which gives more than 500 applications is now a…

PolyScience General Purpose Water Bath

Electronics and Firmware Redesign for PolyScience General Purpose Water Baths

Added: 25 Jul 2020

PolyScience has worked with DMC to develop custom control electronics and user interface for its Ge…