Latest Product Update

DrySyn heating blocks and CondenSyn waterless condensers at CTL, Liverpool University

Asynt supports chemists to cut energy consumption in half

Added: 29 Nov 2022

The Central Teaching Laboratories and the Department of Chemistry at the University of Liverpool (U…

RNAdia 2.0 is part of Dolomite Bio’s complete workflow

Dolomite Bio launches RNAdia 2.0 Reagent Kit – Fast, Easy, Robust

Added: 29 Nov 2022

Dolomite Bio’s RNAdia 2.0 reagent kit for single cell research has been launched as part of its com…

Chromatrap buffer chemistries are optimised for sonication and enzymatic shearing

Lysis and Hypotonic Sonication Buffers for ChIP Assays

Added: 29 Nov 2022

Offering complete disruption of cytoplasmic and nuclear membranes, Porvair Sciences’ Chromatrap buf…

Cleanzone has celebrated a highly successful tenth year

Exhibitors celebrate ten years of Cleanzone

Added: 25 Nov 2022

Alongside the latest exhibitor products and solutions, key themes of Cleanzone’s tenth year include…

The SLS team break ground on the company's new National Distribution Centre

SLS breaks ground for new National Distribution Centre

Added: 25 Nov 2022

Scientific Laboratory Supplies announces plans to move to a new, state-of-the-art National Distribu…

Vyon silencers directly fit into the exhaust port of pneumatic equipment

Porous plastic devices reduce industrial noise

Added: 21 Nov 2022

Offering excellent sound attenuation properties, Vyon porous plastic silencers from Porvair Science…

Asynt instruments are being used in the development of Dr Craft products

Sustainable Extraction Technology Essential for Green Beauty Innovation

Added: 17 Nov 2022

Sustainable cosmetics comopany Keracol Ltd is using Asynt DrySyn heating blocks and CondenSyn air c…

Autoscribe summarise the benefits of using LIMS in a new webinar

LIMS Data Analytics Discussed in Autoscribe Webinar

Added: 17 Nov 2022

The benefits of using a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) to capture and manage data,…

Ziath tools are helping Colorfix develop the dyes of the future

Accelerating Development of Sustainable Textile Dyes

Added: 17 Nov 2022

Rapid 2D barcode rack readers and automated tube picking equipment from Ziath are helping Colorifix…

The TipOne Sterile Refill System has been nominated as ‘Sustainable Laboratory Product of the Year’

Lab firm’s green credentials recognised with sustainability award nomination.

Added: 15 Nov 2022

Starlab’s drive to reduce the environmental impact of laboratory research has led to its nomination…

Analytik provide fully integrated, cutting-edge, out of the box airborne hyperspectral imaging solutions.

Video Guide to Airborne Hyperspectral Imaging

Added: 14 Nov 2022

Analytik has published a video that provides an informative introduction to the collection and proc…

The Chemistry flowmeter provides continuous, non-invasive measurement.

Flow device helps improve accuracy and reproducibility of chemical reactions

Added: 11 Nov 2022

TESTA Analytical Solutions e.K has developed the Chemistry flowmeter, aimed at labs looking to impr…

21 CFR Part 11 Software Module - Next level Flow Cytometry Productivity for Regulated Laboratories

Added: 9 Nov 2022

Specifically designed to meet the increasing requirements for regulated laboratories.  Produce high…

Vyon PTFE offers enhanced controlled flow of liquids and gases.

Temperature and Chemically Resistant Porous PTFE Components

Added: 26 Oct 2022

Porvair Sciences has developed a range of Vyon PTFE porous plastic materials for applications where…

Samples is designed to make adding and searching sample information quick and simple

Entry-level Sample Inventory Management Software

Added: 21 Oct 2022

Samples from Ziath is a management tool designed to provide first rate sample organisation for labo…

DIN method 38409-59 describes a validated method for comprehensive AOX analysis

Adsorbable organically bound halogens analysis as per DIN 38409-59

Added: 15 Oct 2022

An application note from Metrohm describes a new method to determine adsorbable organically bound h…

A selection of different sized Vyon pipette filter tips from Porvair Sciences

Medical device components that inhibit bacterial growth

Added: 13 Oct 2022

Vyon porous plastics from Porvair Sciences are suitable for filtration applications in the healthca…

The 3Q22 release includes improvements to the Chain of Custody (CoC) module, and inventory management

3Q22 LIMS Starter Systems Release

Added: 2 Oct 2022

Autoscribe Informatics has announced the 3Q22 release of its updated starter systems, designed to p…

Restek’s Rxi-SVOCms columns ensure consistent performance

See Semivolatiles Clearly with Rugged, Reliable Rxi-SVOCms Columns

Added: 20 Sep 2022

Designed specifically for semivolatiles (SVOC) analysis, Restek’s new Rxi-SVOCms columns ensure con…

Single position and 3-position LightSyn Lighthouse photoreactor

Breakthrough technology for photochemistry

Added: 20 Sep 2022

Asynt has added the LightSyn Lighthouse photochemical reactor system to its LightSyn range in respo…