Latest Product Update

ReactoMate from Asynt

Efficient Scale-Up of Novel Agrochemicals

Added: 26 Nov 2020

Asynt reports that its ReactoMate reactor systems are being used by Globachem Discovery for the sca…

Safer Options Controlled Drug Denature Kits

Manage Waste Medicines and Ensure Compliance

Added: 25 Nov 2020

The Safer Options range of Controlled Drug Denature Kits which can help users safely manage waste m…

Laboport N 820 G

KNF Laboratory Equipment honored with Red Dot Award

Added: 21 Nov 2020

The Red Dot Jury has honoured the Laboport N 820 G from KNF Laboratory Equipment with the internati…

INTEGRA’s latest videos demonstrate the benefits of electronic pipetting

INTEGRA demonstrates electronic pipetting benefits

Added: 21 Nov 2020

INTEGRA Biosciences has released a series of videos demonstrating how its lightweight VIAFLO electr…

This year’s Cleanzone will be held digitally

Cleanzone goes digital for 2020

Added: 8 Nov 2020

This year’s most important topics will be on the agenda at Cleanzone, the International trade fair …

Eppendorf Thermomixer C

The Eppendorf ThermoMixer C - Take Advantage of Versatility

Added: 8 Nov 2020

Eppendorf ThermoMixer C is suitable for for heating, cooling, and mixing in a single device with ex…

Ziath has donated to the Cambridge City Foodbank

Sample Tracking Specialists Donate to Food Poverty Charity

Added: 8 Nov 2020

Ziath has announced support for their local food bank charity in Cambridge, UK, with a £5000 donati…


Benefits of a two-in-one fluorescence and absorbance spectrometer

Added: 5 Nov 2020

The HORIBA Duetta offers simultaneous fluorescence and absorbance measurements in a single platform…

Chemically resistant and oil-free vacuum down to 10-3 mbar

Added: 5 Nov 2020

VACUUBRAND introduces a chemically resistant, oil-free screw pump for vacuum down to 10-3 mbar with…

BradyPrinter i1700

Rapid vial tube labelling from BRADY

Added: 5 Nov 2020

When linked to its BradyPrinter i1700, BRADY’s Vial Label Applicator prints and applies labels on v…

Autoscribe White Paper

Autoscribe White Paper Emphasises the Role of LIMS in Supporting ISO17025 Accreditation in Labs

Added: 5 Nov 2020

Autoscribe Informatics has released a white paper examining the role of a Laboratory Information Ma…

Titan Enterprises has been offering in-line flow meters for nearly 40 years.

In-line Flow Meters for Pure Water Dispensing

Added: 2 Nov 2020

Titan Enterprises’ in-line flow meters can fulfil critical roles in measuring the rate of flow and …

Porvair Sciences’ latest plates are fully compatible with the Thermo Scientific KingFisher range.

Optimised Microplate for SARS-CoV-2 Nucleic Acid Purification

Added: 29 Oct 2020

Porvair Sciences has introduced a 2.2ml 96 deep well plate specifically designed to be fully compat…

Asynt Multicell PLUS

Screening Chemical Reactions Under High Pressure

Added: 29 Oct 2020

Asynt adds the Multicell PLUS to its range of pressure reactors, offering scientists a flexible and…

Alpha Laboratories now supply PPE

CE Certified Face Visors and Type II Masks with Introductory 10% Savings

Added: 28 Oct 2020

Alpha Laboratories now supply personal protective equipment, including CE certified safety visors a…

Cal Smythe

BPS Crowthorne Extends Its Technical Servicing Offering Across Ireland

Added: 20 Oct 2020

BPS Crowthorne welcomes Cal Smythe to its technical team as part of its commitment to offering the …

Krystal microplate

Optimised Microplates for Affinity Binding Assays

Added: 18 Oct 2020

Porvair Sciences’ medium and high bind Krystal microplates are designed to set the standard for uni…

Investigations indicate liposomes demonstrable potential to be used as a drug carrier

How the Adaptability of Liposomes is helping Overcome Drug Delivery Challenges

Added: 18 Oct 2020

The Biopharma Group has reported on recent investigations which indicate liposomes’ potential to be…

Ziath will be exhibiting virtually at two key events

Sample Management Exhibit at Virtual Biobanking Symposia

Added: 16 Oct 2020

Ziath will be taking part in ISBER Virtual Symposium 2020 and the Europe Biobank Week 2020 - key vi…

PURELAB from Veolia

In Chorus With Veolia Water Technologies UK

Added: 15 Oct 2020

Comprising industry-leading modular laboratory water systems, the PURELA Chorus Lab Water System fr…