Latest Product Update

TinyTag Plug 2 Data Loggers are waterproof and feature a built-in sensor

Tinytag temperature data loggers employed in drug and alcohol testing laboratory

Added: 10 Jul 2024

Tinytag Plus 2 temperature data loggers have been employed to monitor the laboratory, office, fridg…

The Cleanzone Conference addresses current industry trends

Cleanzone 2024: Networking and Knowledge Sharing

Added: 22 Jun 2024

With key topics of technical innovation, energy efficiency and lifelong learning, Cleanzone 2024 wi…

Understanding the HILIC Separation Method in Liquid Chromatography

Added: 18 Jun 2024

Hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography, or HILIC, is a powerful mode of liquid chromatograph…

Alpha Laboratories’ updated calprotectin website has a zone tailored for IBD sufferers

Newly Enhanced Online Resource for Calprotectin Testing

Added: 13 Jun 2024

Alpha Laboratories has re-developed its website to meet increasing demands for knowledge, resources…

Priorclave offers a full range of top-loading vertical autoclaves

Vertical autoclaves retain their top spot

Added: 23 May 2024

The Priorclave range of top-loading vertical autoclaves are a solution for laboratories seeking a c…

Testa Analytical’s high-precision HPLC flowmeter

Chinese Metrology Institute approves TESTA HPLC flowmeter

Added: 17 May 2024

Following extensive testing, Testa Analytical’s high-precision HPLC flowmeter has been approved by …

Accurately Analyse Metal-Sensitive Compounds with Restek’s New Inert LC Columns

Added: 15 May 2024

Restek’s new inert LC column technology helps labs improve their analysis of metal sensitive compou…

Tecnic products range from desktop to production scale

Biopharma Group appointed Tecnic distributor for the UK and Ireland

Added: 15 May 2024

Biopharma Group has announced its partnership agreement with TECNIC, to distribute the solutions ra…

Beckman Coulter is elevating efficiency and confidence for hepatitis testing

Beckman Coulter’s DxI 9000 Immunoassay Analyzer Extends Menu with CE-Marked Hepatitis Assays at ESCMID Global

Added: 21 Apr 2024

Beckman Coulter Diagnostics has extended the menu of DxI 9000 Immunoassay Analyser assays, with tes…

Trinity triple detector for GPC/SEC

Powerful triple detector for GPC/SEC

Added: 15 Apr 2024

TESTA Analytical launches Trinity, a powerful triple detector for Gel Permeation Chromatography / S…

The Milestone Ethos UP microwave digestion system from Analytix

Sample preparation of environmental samples for trace metal analysis

Added: 12 Apr 2024

Analytix has published a technical note comparing recoveries of three certified reference environme…

Mobile Under Bench Laboratory Storage Units From Work Area

Added: 8 Apr 2024

In the world of laboratory equipment, functionality is paramount. From lab chairs to storage units,…

The Royal Society of Chemistry will be at this year's ChemUK

CHEMUK attracts The Royal Society of Chemistry

Added: 5 Apr 2024

A team from The Royal Society of Chemistry will be on hand to answer questions and discuss professi…

Monmouth Scientific’s Recirculating Fume Cupboard is used by National Collection of Aerial Photography staff

Recirculating Fume Cupboard is crucial to restoration and preservation of historic photograph collection.

Added: 29 Mar 2024

Aerial photography marking historic events from across the globe has been preserved for posterity t…

Introducing BV Nexus - the connectivity platform for lab instrument manufacturers

Added: 27 Mar 2024

A new connectivity platform for the lab launches this week that is set to transform how, where and …

Helen Czerski, Adam Rutherford and Robin Ince are keynote speakers for this year’s Scientific Laboratory Show and Conference

The Scientific Laboratory Show & Conference is back for 2024

Added: 27 Mar 2024

The Scientific Laboratory Show and Conference is back in May, bringing together the industry’s lead…

Signatrol’s New Button-style data loggers with improved functionality for drug storage

Added: 23 Mar 2024

Signatrol, the data logging experts, has launched SL60 dLog, a range of low cost, miniature button-…

How to Choose a Gas Chromatography Inlet Liner

Added: 22 Mar 2024

Proper sample transfer from your inlet to your column is a critical component of a good gas chromat…

Autoscribe will be highlighting laboratory automation Lab Indonesia

Autoscribe Highlights Laboratory Automation at Lab Indonesia

Added: 15 Mar 2024

The benefits of laboratory automation to efficiency and profitability will be demonstrated by Autos…

Future Labs Live attracts global visitors

Future Labs Live draws experts from across the globe

Added: 15 Mar 2024

The latest developments and news of the laboratory industry will be discussed by industry leaders a…