Latest Product Update

Sterilised labels indicate whether a product has reached the required temperature

Sterlised sample integrity clearly visible with colour changing labels

Added: 20 Mar 2023

Bar Code Data Limited has partnered with Zebra Technologies to introduce colour changing labels whi…

Utilising Advanced High-Throughput Flow Cytometry to Quantify Direct and Competitive Live Cell Antibody Binding

Utilising Advanced High-Throughput Flow Cytometry to Quantify Direct and Competitive Live Cell Antibody Binding

Added: 19 Mar 2023

Sartorius has published an application note detailing simple assays that employ its iQue Advanced F…

AstellBio produce thermal waste sterilisers for large and small volumes of liquid

AstellBio brings Liquid Waste Autoclaves to ChemUK 2023

Added: 17 Mar 2023

AstellBio marks several firsts with its presence at ChemUK 2023 – attending for the first time as a…

INTEGRA awarded 30 EVOLVE manual pipettes to Nanopath, a women-focused diagnostics start-up.

Women-focused diagnostics start-up wins INTEGRA Biosciences’ EVOLVE pipettes

Added: 17 Mar 2023

Molecular diagnostics start-up Nanopath has been chosen as the first winner of the recently launche…

Nadine Bellamy-Thomas, National Account Manager of Miele Professional suggests ways to make labs more sustainable

The question of sustainable lab equipment

Added: 16 Mar 2023

When considering how to become more environmentally friendly, Miele suggests that even the smallest…

A decade of using PIPETBOY pro pipette controllers has helped Uppsala University researchers to study common allergies

Nipping allergies in the bud with the PIPETBOY pipette controllers

Added: 16 Mar 2023

Researchers at Uppsala University in Sweden are using INTEGRA Biosciences’ PIPETBOY pro pipette con…

Surface Area Analysis Expertise in the UK From Meritics

Added: 15 Mar 2023

Meritics supply a range of systems, designed to aid research, development and manufacturing process…

Lyobeads can be customised for specific applications

Benefits of Using Lyobeads Technology in Diagnostics

Added: 15 Mar 2023

As well as the ability to create large volumes of lyophilised product, lyobeads from Biopharma Grou…

Data traceability is essential for successful freeze drying

Data traceability for successful freeze-drying from R&D to GMP production

Added: 15 Mar 2023

Biopharma Group supply freeze dryers designed to put data traceability and scalability at the foref…

Biosafe is an Emergency Recovery scheme

The recovery plan you need for CL3/HG3 Laboratories

Added: 10 Mar 2023

Biosafe from Crowthorne Group is an Emergency Recovery scheme offering a range of servicing and dec…

The Tuttnauer T-Lab Eco

Premium Laboratory Sterilisation Solutions

Added: 7 Mar 2023

Prestige Medical offers a complete line of Tuttnauer premium laboratory sterilisation solutions, in…

Techmate offers biohazard waste solutions from Whitney Medical Solutions

Biohazard Bags and Starter Sets from Techmate

Added: 7 Mar 2023

Techmate offers a range of options for infectious waste control management with bags and starter se…

The range of workstations is specifically designed for use in GMP certified facilities

GMP Anaerobic Workstation range now available

Added: 6 Mar 2023

Don Whitley Scientific launches a range of workstations specifically designed for use in Good Manuf…

Oxford Analytical Services help customers provide safe, sustainable products

Help to meet heavy metals analysis standards

Added: 6 Mar 2023

Oxford Analytical Services’ heavy metals analysis options support industries in meeting customer an…

TESTA Analytical’s Chemistry flowmeter

Improve the reproducibility and yield of chemical reactions

Added: 6 Mar 2023

TESTA Analytical has developed the Chemistry flowmeter for labs seeking to improve reproducibility …

The HK Series Differential Viscometer from TESTA Analytical

High performance retrofit viscometer detector for GPC/SEC

Added: 6 Mar 2023

The HK Series Differential Viscometer from TESTA Analytical offers labs using Gel Permeation Chroma…

The ASSIST PLUS pipetting robot operating a D-ONE single channel pipetting module for automated NGS library normalisation, producing accurate and precise results

Identifying antimicrobial resistance with INTEGRA Biosciences’ pipetting solutions

Added: 6 Mar 2023

INTEGRA Biosciences’ pipetting platforms can be used to streamline the liquid handling steps involv…

EasySyn reactor system

EasySyn reactor system from IKA

Added: 3 Mar 2023

IKA launches the EasySyn reactor system for organic or aqueous synthesis, with all components avail…

The 150 Litre Jacketed Chemglass Reactor is available exclusively through GPE Scientific

GPE Scientific Brings 150 Litre Jacketed Chemglass Reactor to the UK and Ireland

Added: 3 Mar 2023

An innovative 150 litre jacketed Chemglass is being exclusively distributed in the UK and Ireland b…

Sample management ‘on the move’ using DP5 Mobile

Sample management on the move

Added: 3 Mar 2023

Ziath has launched a new version of its DP5 Network application, enabling tube barcode readers and …