Latest Product Update

UltraJet electronic pipette filler from Porvair Sciences

Compact Electronic Pipette Filler Perfect for Fumehood Use

Added: 13 Sep 2018

The compact UltraJet electronic pipette filler from Porvair Sciences is suitable for use even in co…

Asynt technologies are helping to improve the environmental impact at MIF

Accelerating Material Science Discovery

Added: 10 Sep 2018

The Rannard Group at the Materials Innovation Factory, the University of Liverpool (UK), is using t…

Over time the performance of weighing equipment can change

Balance Testing Guide for Reliable Weighing Results

Added: 10 Sep 2018

The Balance Testing Guide from METTLER TOLEDO explains how routine testing of balances or scales, i…

INTEGRA makes life easier with built-in calibration alarms that provide a convenient audiovisual reminder after a user-defined time period and/or number of cycles

INTEGRA simplifies pipetting for GLP environments

Added: 7 Sep 2018

INTEGRA’s electronic pipettes are designed to meet the demands of the modern laboratory environment…

Elementar launch their C and N trace instruments at Lab Innovations 2018

Added: 7 Sep 2018

Elementar, the world leader in high performance analysis of organic elements, will be launching the…

GoIndustry Dovebid’s Biopharma and Laboratory Equipment Internet Auction on until September 12th

Added: 6 Sep 2018

GoIndustry Dovebid (Go-Dove), a liquidity services market place, offers the opportunity to pick up …

The Omnitronics controller is driven by an industrial-grade programmable logic controller

Application Specific Programmed Freeze Dryer

Added: 5 Sep 2018

SP Scientific’s Benchtop Pro freeze dryers now include an Omnitronics controller as standard to ena…

Researchers could win a Rainin product every month

Making the Difference – Supporting Science

Added: 3 Sep 2018

The work of researchers inspires Anachem – so much so that they are offering free Rainin instrument…

Priorclave’s Autoclaves add Wi-Fi Connectivity

Added: 3 Sep 2018

Priorclave is introducing Bee Live wifi connectivity as a service upgrade to all Priorclave laborat…

Work Area to exhibit laboratory chairs and cabinets at Lab Innovations 2018

Added: 30 Aug 2018

Work Area Ltd a UK company specialising in laboratory and Cleanroom seating and storage cabinets wi…

Mira DS supplies immediate information for fast decisions in critical situations.

Metrohm Mira DS: Identification of white powder narcotics at the touch of a screen

Added: 28 Aug 2018

Mira DS, a robust handheld Raman analyser for Defence and Security, is now available from Metrohm –…

Testo UK is celebrating 35 years with a monthly prize draw

Testo UK Celebrates 35 Year Anniversary with 35 Instrument Prize Draw

Added: 28 Aug 2018

Testo UK is celebrating is 35 year anniversary with a monthly prize draw to give away a total of 35…

Lab Innovations returns to the NEC on 31 October to 1 November 2018

The essential guide to greener, more sustainable laboratories

Added: 26 Aug 2018

Lab Innovations, the UK’s only trade show dedicated to the laboratory industry, will this year focu…

Priorclave C60 top loading autoclave

Lab Autoclave Suitable for Taller Loads

Added: 23 Aug 2018

For laboratories looking to sterilise tall items such as fermentors and large capacity Erlenmeyer f…

Measurements were performed using a Postnova Analytics TF2000 thermal field-flow fractionation system coupled in series to MALS and RI detectors

Thermal Field Flow Fractionation Copolymer Case Study

Added: 22 Aug 2018

Postnova Analytics’ TF2000 thermal field-flow fractionation has been successfully employed by scien…

Porvair Science has extended its BactiGrowth range

Automation Friendly Cell Growth Microplates

Added: 20 Aug 2018

Porvair Science has extended its BactiGrowth range of specially packaged plates, designed to enable…

Liquid Handling Station flow pipetting robot

A Small Cleanroom inside your Lab

Added: 19 Aug 2018

BRAND’s ‘Liquid Handling Station flow’ pipetting robot enables users to set up a small cleanroom in…

CondenSyn Distillation Adapter

Waterless Distillation System Assists Green Chemistry

Added: 19 Aug 2018

Asynt, in partnership with the University of East Anglia, has developed the CondenSyn Distillation …

Video Featuring COMPARE Nottingham Highlights Microplate Reader use

Added: 18 Aug 2018

The Centre of Membrane Proteins and Receptors (COMPARE), a collaboration between the Universities o…

Amazon Filters’ bespoke solution was to design compact, yet fully functional enclosed mobile filtration units

Mobile Filtration Units Ensure Quality of Drinking Water Supply

Added: 15 Aug 2018

Amazon Filters has published a case study describing its development and supply of a bespoke enclos…