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Efficient DNA and siRNA transfection

Alpha Laboratories | Added: 19 Sep 2013

The ScreenFect A from Alpha Laboratories combines high transfection efficiency with low cell toxici…


Nanoject performs delicate nanolitre injections

Alpha Laboratories | Added: 14 Jan 2013

The Nanoject II Auto-Injector is specifically designed to perform ultra-delicate nanolitre injectio…

DNA View

DNA-VIEW enables real-time size fractionation

Alpha Laboratories | Added: 30 Nov 2012

Researchers can DNA samples separate in real-time using the new DNA-VIEW electrophoresis system.


Ergonomic pipette claims to improve user experience

Alpha Laboratories | Added: 23 Oct 2012

The Picus has been designed to protect the user from repetitive strain injury.


Test enables 10 minute detection of H. pylori antigen

Alpha Laboratories | Added: 18 Oct 2012

The Easy-Card Antigen test is able to rapidly detect Helicobacter pylori, the cause of most stomach…


Thermal cycler improves PCR set up

Alpha Laboratories | Added: 10 Jul 2012

The Bioer LifeTouch 96-well gradient thermal cycler now features a clear, 6.5” full colour, touchsc…

Faster racking with less packing

Alpha Laboratories | Added: 29 May 2008

Alpha Laboratories says its Fastrak is probably the most eco-friendly tip rack refill system in the…

Appointments mark 30th anniversary

Alpha Laboratories | Added: 25 May 2005

Directors of sales and markewting appointed as Alpha Laboratories marks three decades of supplying …

Helpful tips for robots

Alpha Laboratories | Added: 2 Sep 2004

Range of robotic consumables is engineered to the exact specifications of the instruments they serv…

Immunology answers

Alpha Laboratories | Added: 26 Aug 2004

Alpha Laboratories has been selling immunology products for over 15 years

Totally open walk-away workload processor

Alpha Laboratories | Added: 12 Aug 2004

Analyser automates all the preparation and staining steps involved in anti-nuclear antibody screeni…

Gate restrictions prohibiting access to results?

Alpha Laboratories | Added: 9 Jul 2004

The development of flow cytometry as both a clinical and research tool has necessitated the develop…

Volumetric calibration just got easier

Alpha Laboratories | Added: 31 Mar 2004

Software for pipettes and other volumetric apparatus enables in-house calibration, requiring only a…

Preventing PCR contamination

Alpha Laboratories | Added: 14 Nov 2003

Zero aerosol pipette tips have been specifically designed with PCR techniques in mind to prevent ae…

PCR consumables without compromise

Alpha Laboratories | Added: 13 Nov 2003

Range of PCR products ensures that you need never worry about sample contamination, inhibition of P…

Flexible D-dimer measurements

Alpha Laboratories | Added: 14 Aug 2003

Portable dual-channel instrument gives results in less than three minutes and a 100% negative predi…

Compact coagulation analysers

Alpha Laboratories | Added: 12 Aug 2003

A range of dedicated, compact and portable coagulation analysers comprising single, dual, and four-…

Enhanced platelet aggregometry

Alpha Laboratories | Added: 7 Aug 2003

Instrument range for platelet aggregometry now has enhanced software capability for greater diagnos…

Customised drug of abuse test kits

Alpha Laboratories | Added: 4 Aug 2003

Test panel selection for urine drug of abuse screening can now be tailored to your laboratory's exa…

The leakproof specimen container

Alpha Laboratories | Added: 1 Aug 2003

A reinforcing ring strengthens the container side-wall to avoid squeeze-related leaks, and the risk…