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new alpha laboratories website

Alpha Laboratories Launch New Look Website

Alpha Laboratories | Added: 15 Jan 2016

Following a customer survey, the Alpha Laboratories website has now been completely re-developed an…


LED illumination for fluorescence microscopy

Alpha Laboratories | Added: 11 May 2015

Alpha Laboratories has made available what it says is a safer alternative to a high-pressure mercur…

the Picus NxT electronic pipette

Quality electronic pipettes from Alpha Labs

Alpha Laboratories | Added: 6 Feb 2015

The Picus NxT electronic pipette brings all the benefits of the original Picus models while being i…

Clarit-E Choice Stretch Electrophoresis Gel Tanks

Higher resolution sample separation from Alpha Labs

Alpha Laboratories | Added: 22 Jan 2015

Clarit-E Choice Stretch Electrophoresis Gel Tanks from Alpha Laboratories are designed to separate …

ZAP filter tips

Low-retention filter tips

Alpha Laboratories | Added: 3 Oct 2014

The latest ZAP Premier low-retention filter tips from Alpha Laboratories are designed to minimise s…

Alpha Labs catalogue

Diagnostic and laboratory products catalogue

Alpha Laboratories | Added: 23 Sep 2014

Alpha Laboratories has launched its latest catalogue which features over 1,000 new products.

QuickFISH Rapid Pathogen Species Diagnostic Test could help battle antibiotic resistance

Battling microbial infection

Alpha Laboratories | Added: 14 Jul 2014

The AdvanDx QuickFISH test is designed to help fight the increasing battle against antibiotic resis…

SpeciSafe pack

Safe transportation of blood samples

Alpha Laboratories | Added: 7 Jul 2014

With strict regulations applying to the transportation of biological samples such as blood, specime…

Bioer LifeECO

High-spec gradient thermal cycler

Alpha Laboratories | Added: 19 Jun 2014

The Bioer LifeECO gradient thermal cycler available in the UK from Alpha Laboratories is designed t…

Streck controls contain true cellular material that undergoes the same procedural conditions as a pa

Laboratory test control system

Alpha Laboratories | Added: 13 Jun 2014

Alpha Laboratories have launched Streck controls designed to provide accuracy and consistency to la…

Vertical gel electrophoresis system from Alpha Laboratories

Vertical gel electrophoresis kit

Alpha Laboratories | Added: 21 May 2014

Alpha Laboratories has launched its latest electrophoresis system.

STAT-NAT products contain all the reaction components for PCR including the Hot Start Polymerase.

Coming out of the cold

Alpha Laboratories | Added: 8 Apr 2014

Alpha Laboratories’ STAT-NAT Thermally Stable PCR Master Mix is a protective compound that stabilis…

Ready to use plasma

Ready-to-use plasmas

Alpha Laboratories | Added: 24 Feb 2014

Alpha Laboratories is the exclusive UK supplier of Precision BioLogic’s range of cryocheck Factor D…

EcoPac robotic tip refills

Robotic tip refills

Alpha Laboratories | Added: 4 Feb 2014

EcoPac, available from Alpha Laboratories, is a range of robotic tip refills that are fully compati…

Specimen transporation from Alpha Labs

Economical specimen transportation

Alpha Laboratories | Added: 31 Jan 2014

Alpha Laboratories storage, packaging and mailing solution is designed to make sample transfer safe…

Blood reagent kits

QC reagents for blood sciences

Alpha Laboratories | Added: 24 Dec 2013

The ALBAcheck line of Blood Group Serology (BGS) control reagent by Quotient enables users to valid…


Efficient DNA and siRNA transfection

Alpha Laboratories | Added: 19 Sep 2013

The ScreenFect A from Alpha Laboratories combines high transfection efficiency with low cell toxici…


Nanoject performs delicate nanolitre injections

Alpha Laboratories | Added: 14 Jan 2013

The Nanoject II Auto-Injector is specifically designed to perform ultra-delicate nanolitre injectio…

DNA View

DNA-VIEW enables real-time size fractionation

Alpha Laboratories | Added: 30 Nov 2012

Researchers can DNA samples separate in real-time using the new DNA-VIEW electrophoresis system.


Ergonomic pipette claims to improve user experience

Alpha Laboratories | Added: 23 Oct 2012

The Picus has been designed to protect the user from repetitive strain injury.