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Fritsch introduces compact pre-crusher

Fritsch | Added: 11 Aug 2009

The compact Pulverisette 1 jaw crusher from Fritsch is suitable for the fast pre-crushing of hard a…

Pulverisette 2 grinds to 10-20um fineness

Fritsch | Added: 11 Jun 2009

The Mortar Grinder Pulverisette 2 is suitable for universal fine grinding of inorganic and organic …

Easy GTM grinding bowls launched by Fritsch

Fritsch | Added: 5 May 2009

Fritsch has launched the Easy GTM grinding bowls, which are available in tempered steel, hardmetal …

Fritsch to exhibit latest products at Achema 2009

Fritsch | Added: 25 Mar 2009

Fritsch will display its product range during the Achema 2009 exhibition in Frankfurt on 11-15 May.

Fritsch cutting mills have cyclone separator

Fritsch | Added: 11 Mar 2009

Fritsch has released cutting mills with a cyclone separator that it says ensures a simple feeding, …

Analysette added to particle-measuring range

Fritsch | Added: 18 Feb 2009

Fritsch has announced the launch of the Analysette 22 Microtec Plus, the latest generation of the c…

Fritsch releases the Pulverisette 14 rotor mill

Fritsch | Added: 27 Nov 2008

The Pulverisette 14 variable-speed rotor mill quickly grinds soft to medium-hard samples, even for …

Fritsch certified as authorised economic operator

Fritsch | Added: 27 Nov 2008

Fritsch has announced that it has been certified as an authorised economic operator (AEO).

Fritsch opens production facility

Fritsch | Added: 17 Nov 2008

Construction started in March and seven months later, management, employees and business associates…

Planetary Mills provide ultra-fine grinding

Fritsch | Added: 4 Nov 2008

Fritsch Planetary Mills classic line are effective laboratory mills for rapid, loss-free, ultra-fin…

Planetary mill offers efficient sample preperation

Fritsch | Added: 16 Oct 2008

Goerg and Schneider, a producer of crude clays, milling clays, chamottes and ceramic masses, has se…

Planetary ball mill produces nano-sized particles

Fritsch | Added: 23 Sep 2008

The premium line planetary ball mill from Fritsch produces nano-sized particles for the increasing …

Fritsch reveals cutting mill benefits

Fritsch | Added: 3 Sep 2008

Fritsch has announced that all grinding parts in its cutting mills can be removed for cleaning with…

Pulverisette 2 has wide-ranging applications

Fritsch | Added: 4 Jun 2008

The Pulverisette 2 grinds the sample through friction, which means that there is no thermal load on…

Planetary mill line is faster, simpler and safer

Fritsch | Added: 12 May 2008

Fritsch Pulverisettes are particularly well suited for wet and dry milling of hard-tough, fibrous, …

Particle measurement by laser diffraction

Fritsch | Added: 18 Mar 2008

Fritsch particle sizing instruments offer state-of-the-art laser technology for an unique price per…

Precise analysis with rotary cone sample divider

Fritsch | Added: 4 Dec 2007

Sampling errors can be so large as to completely overwhelm the highly-accurate analytical results a…

First planetary mill with sunken grinding bowls

Fritsch | Added: 16 Oct 2007

Fritsch premium line high performance planetary mill adds a completely new dimension to high tech g…

Cell phone sample prep for RoHS/WEEE analysis

Fritsch | Added: 11 Sep 2007

The comminution of the various plastics and metals found in a typical cellular telephone in samples…

Vibrating cup mill grinds quickly without mess

Fritsch | Added: 16 Aug 2007

The Fritsch Vibrating Cup Mill Pulverisetter 9 has been designed to quickly grind hard and brittle …