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Chromatrap buffer chemistries are optimised for sonication and enzymatic shearing

Lysis and Hypotonic Sonication Buffers for ChIP Assays

Added: 29 Nov 2022

Offering complete disruption of cytoplasmic and nuclear membranes, Porvair Sciences’ Chromatrap buf…

Vyon silencers directly fit into the exhaust port of pneumatic equipment

Porous plastic devices reduce industrial noise

Added: 21 Nov 2022

Offering excellent sound attenuation properties, Vyon porous plastic silencers from Porvair Science…

Vyon PTFE offers enhanced controlled flow of liquids and gases.

Temperature and Chemically Resistant Porous PTFE Components

Added: 26 Oct 2022

Porvair Sciences has developed a range of Vyon PTFE porous plastic materials for applications where…

A selection of different sized Vyon pipette filter tips from Porvair Sciences

Medical device components that inhibit bacterial growth

Added: 13 Oct 2022

Vyon porous plastics from Porvair Sciences are suitable for filtration applications in the healthca…

Vyon porous plastics are effective at bacterial filtration and preventing microbial ingress

Medical device components that inhibit bacterial growth

Added: 14 Sep 2022

Vyon porous plastics from Porvair Sciences are suitable for filtration applications in the healthca…

Reagent reservoirs are available in a choice of 20 working configurations

Reservoir ensures sustainable use of reagents

Added: 24 Aug 2022

Manufactured to the ANSI/SLAS standard, reagent reservoirs from Porvair Sciences are designed for s…

Povair Sciences’ 2 ml 96-well microplate optimised for processing cannabis samples

Optimised Microplate for Cannabis Sample Processing

Added: 29 Jul 2022

Porvair Sciences has developed a 2 ml 96-well microplate optimised for labs processing cannabis sam…

Microplate Optimised for Magnetic Bead Separations

Microplate Optimised for Magnetic Bead Separations

Added: 18 Jul 2022

Porvair Sciences has introduced a 96-well deep well microplate designed for labs using magnetic bea…

Porvair Sciences' eGecko²

Automated Barcode Applicator for Microplates and Petri dishes

Added: 21 Jun 2022

Porvair Sciences announce eGecko² – an automated barcode application system that provides a high th…

96-well square, 1.2 ml deep well microplate featuring round well bottoms

Round Bottom Storage Microplate Offers Maximum Sample Recovery

Added: 13 May 2022

Porvair Sciences has added a 1.2 ml deep well microplate featuring round well bottoms for maximum s…

The Chromatrap Homogeniser Spin Column

Improved Viral RNA Extraction from Nasal and Throat Swab samples

Added: 28 Apr 2022

The Chromatrap Homogeniser Spin Column from Porvair Sciences is designed to maximise the yield and …

The Sero Krystal PDL coated microplate

High performance microplates for enhanced cell growth and survival

Added: 25 Apr 2022

The Sero Krystal PDL range of coated microplates from Porvair Sciences are designed to help overcom…

Low profile microplate from Porvair Sciences

Low Profile Microplates Optimise Space Utilisation

Added: 18 Mar 2022

Porvair Sciences low profile microplates offer the highly efficient use of stacking space that is e…

Porvair Sciences 96-well polypropylene microplate

Deep well plates for high integrity biobanking specimen storage

Added: 6 Mar 2022

Developed for automated applications, Porvair Sciences 96-well polypropylene microplates are suitab…

UltraVap Mistral XT 150 blowdown evaporator

Fast and Efficient Evaporator for Chromatography Solvents

Added: 7 Feb 2022

Designed to provide dry down of samples in microplates and glass tubes up to 150 mm in length - the…

Integration of an Ultravap Mistral dry down evaporator with a liquid handling robot

Integrating Microplate Evaporators with Liquid Handling Robots

Added: 6 Feb 2022

The Ultravap Mistral family of microplate evaporators from Porvair Sciences can be used to remove t…

Each Porvair Sciences tray offers high resistance to heat.

Low Dead Volume Reservoir Trays

Added: 29 Jan 2022

Precision manufactured to SBS / SLAS dimensions, Porvair Sciences’ range of reservoir trays are des…

The latest Ultravap Mistral family is designed with flat front profile and platform shuttle

Integrating Microplate Evaporators with Liquid Handling Robots

Added: 10 Jan 2022

The Ultravap Mistral family of microplate evaporators from Porvair Sciences is used in labs worldwi…

Porvair Sciences has a growing business in custom microplates

Private Label and Custom Manufactured Microplates

Added: 14 Dec 2021

Expertise in polymer moulding, surface treatment, specialist assembly and knowledge of analytical, …

Porvair Sciences 96-well low profile deep well plate

Low Profile Stackable Microplates

Added: 3 Dec 2021

Offering a storage volume of 0.5ml per well in a height of just 27mm - enables more Porvair Science…