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The Porvair range of deep well plates is available in several formats, well shapes and volumes

Sterile Deep Well Plates for Biological and Drug Discovery Applications

Added: 7 May 2021

Porvair Sciences offers an extensive range of sterile deep well microplates for sensitive biologica…

Extraction and purification of RNA is required for numerous applications

High Recovery of Top-Quality Purified RNA

Added: 14 Apr 2021

Porvair Sciences has launched kits for rapid extraction of total RNA from a wide range of biologica…

The compact, standalone Ultravap Levante

Affordable Single Plate Evaporator

Added: 5 Apr 2021

Porvair Sciences has launched its new generation Ultravap Levante nitrogen blowdown sample evaporat…

Hydrophilic Vyon has been tested to the most rigorous of USP classes

High Performing Hydrophilic Porous Plastic Discs and Annular Absorbers

Added: 13 Mar 2021

Vyon porous plastic discs and annular absorbers manufactured to extremely tight tolerances by Porva…

Porvair Sciences’ Krystal Glass Bottom microplate with Schott D 263 M technology

Borosilicate Glass Microplates Improve Imaging Sensitivity

Added: 28 Feb 2021

Porvair Sciences’ Krystal Glass Bottom microplate with high quality specialty glass from Schott pro…

Correct SPE microplate selection can make the difference between indifferent and great results.

Solid Phase Extraction Microplate Selection Guide

Added: 4 Feb 2021

Porvair Sciences has launched a guide designed to make selection of the optimum Solid Phase Extract…

The second-generation Ultravap Mistral

Automation-ready Sample Evaporator for Microplates

Added: 25 Jan 2021

Porvair Sciences has launched the second generation model of its Ultravap Mistral - an automation-r…

Porvair Sciences provides a complete design and manufacture service

Custom Design and Manufacture of Specialist Microplates

Added: 16 Jan 2021

Porvair Sciences provides a complete design and manufacture service to help customers develop new a…

Convenience Kit for Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) testing

Vial Sampling Kits for PFAS Analysis

Added: 4 Jan 2021

Finneran Porvair has introduced Convenience Kits for Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) tes…

Porvair’s experts can design plates to your specific needs

Custom Design and Manufacture of Specialist Microplates

Added: 15 Dec 2020

Porvair Sciences provides a complete design and manufacture service to help customers develop new a…

Each V-shaped bottom well in Porvair’s new plate supports the specialised tips of KingFisher Instruments

Advances in Microplate Technology at SLAS 2021

Added: 3 Dec 2020

Porvair Sciences will exhibit its latest specialist microplates and microplate instrumentation at t…

The CEAT project is focused on developing advanced drug technologies for the treatment of ovarian cancer

Ovarian Cancer Project Shows Promise

Added: 30 Nov 2020

Following initial promising results, Porvair Sciences has agreed to make additional investment in t…

Porvair Sciences’ latest plates are fully compatible with the Thermo Scientific KingFisher range.

Optimised Microplate for SARS-CoV-2 Nucleic Acid Purification

Added: 29 Oct 2020

Porvair Sciences has introduced a 2.2ml 96 deep well plate specifically designed to be fully compat…

Krystal microplate

Optimised Microplates for Affinity Binding Assays

Added: 18 Oct 2020

Porvair Sciences’ medium and high bind Krystal microplates are designed to set the standard for uni…

A study has demonstrated the BFE of Porvair’s proprietary pipette filter tips to be greater than 99%

Pipette Tips Demonstrate High Bacterial Filtration Efficiency

Added: 28 Sep 2020

An independent study demonstrates that Porvair Sciences proprietary pipette filter tips have greate…

The surface energy of Vyon and its internal tortuous structure can be altered to promote hydrophilic characteristics

Hydrophilic Vyon Plastics Demonstrate High Performance for Drug Discovery Applications

Added: 13 Sep 2020

Testing on Porvair Sciences' hydrophilic Vyon porous plastics has demonstrated its high performance…

The Homogeniser Spin Column has been optimised for RNA extraction from buccal swabs.

Effective Buccal Swab RNA Extraction for COVID-19 Diagnostic Testing

Added: 25 Aug 2020

Porvair Sciences announces a special version of its Homogeniser Spin Column, optimised for RNA extr…

Povair sterile deep-well microplate

Sterile Deep Well Plates

Added: 6 Aug 2020

Porvair Sciences offers a range of sterile deep well microplates for sensitive biological and drug …

A low profile design allows more plates to be stored or stacked in a given space

Stackable, Low Profile Deep Well Microplates for Lab Automation

Added: 21 Jul 2020

Porvair Sciences has introduced a range of low profile deep well microplates – optimised for labora…

The range of heat-sealing films offers the strongest protection of any of the Porvair range.

Extensive Range of High Integrity Microplate Heat Sealing Films

Added: 6 Jul 2020

Porvair Sciences has expanded its range of high integrity heat sealing films for microplates and tu…