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Millipore publishes stem-cell research catalogue

Merck | Added: 3 Aug 2009

Millipore has brought out a 150-page catalogue for stem-cell research and specialty cell-culture pr…

Millitrace cells monitor stem cell behaviour

Merck | Added: 29 Jul 2009

Millipore has introduced three Millitrace stem cell lines, which express green fluorescent protein …

TFF membranes for flu vaccine purification process

Merck | Added: 22 Jul 2009

Millipore has described how tangential flow filtration (TFF) membranes can be used for upstream pur…

Cellready bioreactor has stirred-tank format

Merck | Added: 10 Jun 2009

Millipore has introduced its Mobius Cellready 3L bioreactor at the European Society for Animal Cell…

Mobile tradeshow presents single-use devices

Merck | Added: 8 Jun 2009

Millipore has announced its US-based Go Mobius Tour, a mobile and interactive tradeshow presenting …

Amicon Ultra concentrates protein from single drop

Merck | Added: 21 May 2009

Millipore has released the Amicon Ultra 0.5ml centrifugal filter for protein concentration and buff…

VOC-Pak removes VOCs from ultrapure water

Merck | Added: 19 May 2009

Millipore has released the VOC-Pak cartridge for complete removal of VOCs from ultrapure water.

Single-use membrane adsorber reduces buffer usage

Merck | Added: 8 May 2009

Millipore Corporation has announced its single-use Chromasorb membrane adsorber.

Millipore releases Esgro Complete Plus medium

Merck | Added: 8 May 2009

Millipore Corporation has launched the Esgro Complete Plus medium for the feeder- and serum-free cu…

Millipore receives patents for virus processes

Merck | Added: 30 Apr 2009

Millipore has announced that it has received two patents for virus processes that increase the capa…

Milli-Q system supplies pure and ultrapure water

Merck | Added: 6 Apr 2009

The Milli-Q Integral water purification system uses tap water to supply constant quality Type II (p…

Millipore releases Mobius Flexready Solutions

Merck | Added: 13 Mar 2009

The Mobius Flexready Solutions are filter assemblies and hardware systems optimised for clarificati…

Millipore announces Epitag technology purchase

Merck | Added: 3 Mar 2009

Millipore Corporation has announced that it has purchased the assets associated with Epitome Biosys…

Hanging Millicell inserts have preloaded assembly

Merck | Added: 25 Feb 2009

Millipore has announced the availability of Hanging Millicell cell culture inserts preloaded into 2…

Millipore offers virus-clearance solution

Merck | Added: 23 Feb 2009

Millipore, a life-science provider of technologies and services for bioscience research and biophar…

Micro-bio lab uses Milliflex Rapid detection

Merck | Added: 13 Feb 2009

Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics (OCD) has validated and implemented Millipore's Milliflex Rapid microbio…

EHS director to present energy programme

Merck | Added: 11 Feb 2009

David Newman, Millipore director of EHS and Sustainability, has been selected to present 'Costs and…

Millipore releases online visualisation tool

Merck | Added: 3 Feb 2009

Millipore has released an online tool that allows researchers to visualise signalling and metabolic…

Guava flow cytometer offered as cell biology prize

Merck | Added: 23 Dec 2008

Millipore and Guava Technologies are offering a USD100,000 (GBP67,700) Guava flow cytometer as a pr…

Millipore offers biopharmaceutical training

Merck | Added: 9 Dec 2008

Millipore has announced its 2009 European Access training programme and schedule.