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Jenway® launches new 74 Series Spectrophotometers

Added: 25 Apr 2018

Cole-Parmer Ltd announced that Jenway®, a leading UK manufacturer of analytical laboratory instrume…

New ‘two in one’ channel touchscreen syringe pumps from Cole-Parmer

Cole-Parmer | Added: 24 Oct 2017

The new Cole-Parmer dual independent channel touchscreen syringe pump is like getting two pumps in …

Cole-Parmer Cytoflow pump head looks to minimise impact on live cells

Cole-Parmer | Added: 3 Oct 2017

The new Masterflex L/S Cytoflow pump head from Cole-Parmer was developed specifically for pumping l…

Masterflex Ultrasonic Flow Sensor

Accurately measuring flow without contacting the working fluid

Added: 16 Aug 2017

Cole-Parmer launches Masterflex Ultrasonic Flow Sensors, designed to accurately and non-invasively …

Cole-Parmer unveils Masterflex advanced networking drives

Added: 25 Jul 2017

The new advanced networking drives for Masterflex peristaltic pumps, from Cole-Parmer, provide opti…

Redesigned Masterflex from Cole-Parmer offers higher pressure

Cole-Parmer | Added: 30 May 2017

The new design of the Masterflex L/S pump head from Cole-Parmer offers faster tubing changes than i…

Cole-Parmer digital drives offer precision dispensing

Cole-Parmer | Added: 28 Mar 2017

Masterflex precision digital drives with open-head sensors from Cole-Parmer offer three dispensing …

EpiBone Image

Award-winning Biotech Company uses Cole-Parmer’s Masterflex L/S peristaltic pump

Added: 19 Dec 2016

Innovative Biotech company EpiBone choose Cole-Parmer’s Masterflex L/S peristaltic pumps for their …

Masterflex open-head sensor interlock designed for extra protection

Cole-Parmer | Added: 24 Oct 2016

Cole-Parmer’s Masterflex peristaltic pumps with open-head sensor interlock add an extra layer of pr…

Cole-Parmer presents single-use snap-in pump head

Cole-Parmer | Added: 18 Jul 2016

Cole-Parmer has introduced the snap-in disposable pump head engineered for single-use dosing applic…

Digital pumps range boasts advanced features

Added: 23 May 2016

The Masterflex L/S Miniflex range of digital peristaltic pumps combines accurate flow rates and adv…

Space saving Masterflex Miniflex pumps offer simple programming

Added: 20 Apr 2016

The Masterflex L/S Miniflex range of economical digital peristaltic pumps from Cole-Parmer combines…

Configurable piston pumps range

Cole-Parmer | Added: 29 Mar 2016

Cole-Parmer’s range of high-precision high-pressure piston pumps combines new features and a design…

ismatec pump reglo

Peristaltic pumps with independent channel control

Cole-Parmer | Added: 22 Feb 2016

The Ismatec Reglo ICC range of peristaltic pumps from Cole-Parmer offers compact and easy-to-use mo…

Cole Parmer will be exhibiting its latest technologies at Achema 2015

Cole-Parmer's latest technologies at ACHEMA

Cole-Parmer | Added: 20 May 2015

Cole-Parmer will present brand technologies and products focused on fluid handling and analysis, an…

Cole-Parmer has expanded its range of symmetry top-loading and analytical balances

Economical lab balances from Cole-Parmer

Cole-Parmer | Added: 20 Apr 2015

Cole-Parmer Symmetry Top-Loading and Analytical Balances are designed to provide the best-performin…

Flexible tubing

Flexible tubing solution for peristaltic pumps

Cole-Parmer | Added: 31 Mar 2015

Masterflex Solve-Flex tubing from Cole-Parmer is designed to revolutionise the use of peristaltic p…

Solve-Flex Tubing

Flexible tubing solution for peristaltic pumps

Added: 31 Mar 2015

Masterflex Solve-Flex tubing from Cole-Parmer is designed to revolutionise the use of peristaltic p…


Anti-drip functionality for improved dispensing accuracy

Cole-Parmer | Added: 16 Jan 2015

All Masterflex L/S and I/P Digital Process Drives from Cole-Parmer now feature anti-drip functional…

Cole-Parmer launches its new catalogue

Cole-Parmer launches 2013/14 Sourcebook

Cole-Parmer | Added: 21 May 2013

The Sourcebook provides technical information alongside product selection.