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Shimadzu Scientific Instruments' IRSpirit

Compact IRSpirit Offers Versatility, Reliability and Ease of Use

Added: 28 Oct 2017

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments launches IRSpirit, its smallest and lightest Fourier Transform Infr…

Agilent Technologies Inc. supplied instruments and software for the workshop at Yale University.

The authenticity of Asian lacquer

Agilent Technologies | Added: 5 Aug 2013

Agilent Technologies supplied instruments and software for a workshop on Recent Advances in Charact…

Agilent 4100 ExoScan Handheld FTIR spectrometer

Cambridge students employ Agilent technology

Analytik | Added: 4 Jun 2013

The Agilent 4100 was at the heart of a project that seeked to assess the uses of portable FTIR.


Improvements to AFM-IR spectroscopy range

Anasys Instruments | Added: 21 Feb 2013

New capabilities have been added to Anasys systems to improve resolution and instrument performance.


Bruker launches wide spectral range beamsplitter

Bruker Daltonik GmbH | Added: 19 Feb 2013

Bruker has introduced a beamsplitter which covers the complete mid and far Infrared/THz spectral ra…


IR analyser provides ASTM field test method

Wilks Enterprise | Added: 15 Feb 2013

The InfraCal Soot Meter allows measurement of the levels of soot in diesel engine lubricating oils.

ATR FTIR imaging in forensic science

Agilent Technologies | Added: 16 Jan 2013

This application note takes a look at the role of attenuated total reflection (ATR) fourier transfo…


Drug delivery benefits from nanoscale characterisation

Anasys Instruments | Added: 10 Dec 2012

The University of East Anglia has been using nanoscale thermal analysis techniques to improve drug …


A modern obsession with fat analysis

CEM Microwave Technology Ltd | Added: 28 Nov 2012

CEM describes how Alcontrol is using the SMART Trac II Fat Analysis System to make substantial savi…


Cell growth protein forms a "pair" on the cell membrane

Added: 15 Oct 2012

Bochum und Dortmund researchers have or the first time measured the orientation of the Ras protein …


Nano-FTIR enables nanoscale chemical identification

Added: 30 Jul 2012

An optical technique that combines s-SNOM and FTRI could significantly improve non-invasive chemica…

Ultrasonically assisted preparation of graphene

Hielscher Ultrasonics | Added: 31 May 2012

Hielscher takes an in-depth look at ultrasonic preparation of graphene and its potential applicatio…

Flow cell provides continuous outdoor analysis

Axiom Analytical | Added: 1 Mar 2012

Axiom Analytical has announced its FCT-550 Flow Cell for the continuous analysis of natural gas and…

FlowIR gives researchers flow reaction control

Mettler Toledo | Added: 2 Sep 2011

Mettler Toledo's latest Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy instrument, FlowIR, is desig…

Atlas laboratory software is easy to use

Syrris | Added: 15 Jul 2011

Syrris has announced that its Atlas laboratory software is an easy-to-use, PC-based application for…

Syrris offers high-performance Atlas calorimeter

Syrris | Added: 15 Jul 2011

The Atlas reaction calorimeter from Syrris uses either heat-flow calorimetry or power-compensation …

ReactIR 247 certified for hazardous areas

Mettler Toledo | Added: 9 Jun 2011

Mettler Toledo has announced that the ReactIR 247 has been certified for safe use in Class 1, Divis…

FTIR-based analyser monitors many gases at once

Thermo Fisher Scientific (Molecular Spectroscopy) | Added: 23 May 2011

Thermo Fisher Scientific has enhanced its Antaris Industrial Gas System (IGS) to offer faster scan …

Portfolio of handheld devices for quality control

Thermo Fisher Scientific | Added: 7 Mar 2011

Thermo Fisher Scientific offers a diverse range of handheld analytical instruments for applications…

A2 launches handheld FTIR for QA/QC applications

A2 Technologies * Now part of Agilent* | Added: 2 Feb 2011

A2 Technologies, a supplier of FTIR analysers for QA/QC applications in the lab, in the field or at…