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The Asia Cryo Controller is designed to provide the ultimate in compact, high performance, trouble-

Flow chemistry controller launched

Syrris | Added: 7 Apr 2014

Syrris will be launching the advanced Asia Cryo Controller, designed specifically for flow chemistr…

Mitos Dropix provides liquid sampling and processing over a 10 nL – 50 ?L volume range utilising d

Droplet-on-demand sequencing

Syrris | Added: 3 Apr 2014

Dolomite has launched Mitos Dropix, a droplet-on-demand system capable of generating miniaturised d…

Syrris Atlas Potassium reactor systems are being used to produce custom-made gold nanoparticles

Midatech adopts Syrris technology

Syrris | Added: 30 Jan 2014

Spanish biotechnology company Midatech Biogune is using Syrris Atlas Potassium reactor systems to p…

Asia flow chemistry applications

Syrris | Added: 20 Sep 2013

This short video details how the Asia system from Syrris can perform a wide range of flow chemistry…

Syrris flow chemistry papers

Syrris unveils papers list

Syrris | Added: 4 Sep 2013

Syrris has announced the publication of its flow chemistry papers list which features over 50 paper…

Syrris Globe reactor system

Investigating the production of biodiesel

Syrris | Added: 29 Jul 2013

Students at Worcester Polytechnic University, USA, have converted vegetable oil into biodiesel usin…

Polystyrene-immobilised proline-based catalysts

Syrris | Added: 20 Jun 2013

This video demonstrates the advantages of conducting enantioselective ?-aminoxylation reactions und…

Conversion-flow synthesis

Continuous conversion-flow synthesis

Syrris | Added: 23 May 2013

Researchers have been able to scale-up the continuous process for chlorination of primary alcohols …

Flow chemistry workshops from Syrris

Syrris | Added: 15 May 2013

Flow chemistry specialist Syrris is hosting an annual programme of free chemistry workshops and tra…

The Atlas lab scale chemistry reactor from Syrris

Atlas reactor aids development of new compounds

Syrris | Added: 30 Apr 2013

Siam Research & Innovation is using an Atlas reactor to investigate the kinetics of cement hydratio…


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