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Proteins aggregating into amyloid structures are involved in important neurodegenerative disorders s

Utilising nanoscale IR spectroscopy

Anasys Instruments | Added: 12 Jun 2014

Anasys Instruments’ AFM-IR has been used by EPFL Scientists using nanoscale IR spectroscopy to demo…

AFM-IR technique

Technique reveals surface plasmon resonance

Anasys Instruments | Added: 24 May 2013

A study from the University of Illinois has described the effects of nanometer-scale heating on sem…

Schematic to illustrate Lorentz Contact Resonance imaging

LCR imaging mode added to Anasys AFM and nanoIR

Anasys Instruments | Added: 10 Apr 2013

Anasys has added the Lorentz Contact Resonance imaging mode to its AFM and nanoIR systems.


Improvements to AFM-IR spectroscopy range

Anasys Instruments | Added: 21 Feb 2013

New capabilities have been added to Anasys systems to improve resolution and instrument performance.


Drug delivery benefits from nanoscale characterisation

Anasys Instruments | Added: 10 Dec 2012

The University of East Anglia has been using nanoscale thermal analysis techniques to improve drug …


AFM-IR enables chemical metrology for nano-manufacturing

Anasys Instruments | Added: 22 Oct 2012

Anasys Instruments has been working with the University of Illinois’ to enable materials identifica…

Anasys Instruments' VESTA wins R+D 100 award

Anasys Instruments | Added: 15 Aug 2008

Thermal analysis tool

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