Farfield Scientific

Farfield Scientific
Unit C, Southmere Court
Electra Way
Crewe Business Park

Latest Articles

Pan-European collaboration for hepatitis test

Farfield Scientific | Added: 23 Nov 2007

Farfield Scientific has been awarded a prestigious contract as part of a pan-European research init…

NeoSensors focuses on manufacturing excellence

Farfield Scientific | Added: 19 Jul 2006

NeoSensors, a Farfield company, has recently completed a joint project to refine its newly opened m…

Farfield Scientific opens US headquarters

Farfield Scientific | Added: 29 May 2006

Farfield Scientific announces the opening of its US headquarters office in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania…

Farfield buys Thermo Electron's biosensor business

Farfield Scientific | Added: 26 Apr 2006

Farfield has completed the acquisition of the resonant mirror optical biosensor business (formally …

Farfield recognised as top regional exporter

Farfield Scientific | Added: 20 Mar 2006

Farfield Sensors has received double recognition for the effect of exports on its business, followi…

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