Alpha Innotech
2401 Merced Street
San Leandro

Latest Articles

Xpedition processes and analyses 2D gel images

Alpha Innotech | Added: 25 Sep 2009

Xpedition 2D gel analysis software

Cell Biosciences acquires Alpha Innotech

Alpha Innotech | Added: 8 Sep 2009

Cell Biosciences and Alpha Innotech have entered an agreement providing for the acquisition of Alph…

Alphaview 3.0 includes workflow-orientated modules

Alpha Innotech | Added: 28 Jul 2009

Alphaview 3.0 imaging and analysis software

Aplha Innotech adds Alphaimager Mini to range

Alpha Innotech | Added: 10 Nov 2008

Alphaimager Mini imaging system


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