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Advanced statistical process analysis for Europe

Aitken Scientific | Added: 23 Apr 2008

Advanced statistical process analysis is now available in Europe thanks to a new agreement for Aitk…

Fully traceable water quality data by software

Aitken Scientific | Added: 24 Oct 2007

Aitken Scientific's software is providing improved data access to Purite water purification units f…

Taking control of analytical validation

Aitken Scientific | Added: 2 Jun 2007

Aitken Scientific has produced specialist software for NLG Analytical's V:kit series of fully trace…

Control software services strike gold

Aitken Scientific | Added: 15 May 2007

Aitken Scientific has successfully developed Oxford Instruments' new SwiftED platform, for energy d…

Software integrates liquid handling processes

Aitken Scientific | Added: 8 Nov 2006

A-S Automate software

AstraZeneca chooses purification control software

Aitken Scientific | Added: 30 Sep 2005

Aitken Scientific software

Pocket-sized sample tracking

Aitken Scientific | Added: 7 Sep 2005

Sample tracking software


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