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The 'Refill Not Landfill' app enables consumers to track their water consumption

Tracking environmental savings on your mobile

Thermo Fisher Scientific | Added: 8 May 2015

A mobile app from Nalgene helps environmentally-conscious users measure the financial and environme…

The Applied Biosystems QuantStudio 3 and QuantStudio 5 Real-Time PCR systems are designed to enable

Real-time PCR systems connect researchers

Thermo Fisher Scientific | Added: 28 Apr 2015

Real-time PCR systems that fully integrate with cloud computing technology are the latest additions…

FreeStyle from Thermo Scientific

Thermo Fisher unveils LC-MS software

Thermo Fisher Scientific | Added: 19 Jun 2013

The group has updated its software packages to help customers harness the power of its LC-MS instru…

Orbitrap in an upgradeable mass spectrometer

Thermo Fisher Scientific | Added: 25 Jul 2012

Maciej Bromirski, product manager at Thermo Fisher, talks about the Thermo Scientific Exactive Plus…


Rapid LC-MS system for high-throughput screening

Thermo Fisher Scientific | Added: 1 Jun 2012

Thermo Fisher has launched its latest liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS) system.

LC-MS/MS system identifies trace-level metabolites

Thermo Fisher Scientific | Added: 6 Jun 2011

Q Exactive benchtop quadrupole-Orbitrap LC-MS/MS

Event showcases ion-trap mass spectrometer

Thermo Fisher Scientific | Added: 6 Jun 2011

Velos Pro dual-pressure linear ion-trap system


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