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The Avestin EmulsiFlex-B15 high pressure homogeniser

Fast & Efficient High Pressure Homogenisation Tools For Even the Toughest Samples

Biopharma Group | Added: 11 Mar 2022

The Avestin EmulsiFlex-B15 high pressure homogeniser is designed to be robust, but sufficiently sen…

Biopharma Group has more than tripled its freeze-drying production capacity over the past 18 months

Tripled Lyo Production Capacity Allows Biopharma Group to Offer CDMO Services That Grow With You

Biopharma Group | Added: 29 Nov 2021

With 30+ years of freeze-drying experience and more than 3000 formulations developed, Biopharma Gro…

Lyobeads offer increased volume of product and efficiency when compared with conventional freeze-drying methods

Expanding Production Capabilities & Lyobeads Technology Offers Users Safe & Efficient Route to Market

Biopharma Group | Added: 20 Nov 2021

In response to demand, Biopharma Group has not only expanded its freeze-drying production capacity …

Biopharma Group is reintroducing in-person lyo training courses

In-Person Lyo Training Courses Return

Biopharma Group | Added: 12 Nov 2021

With travel restrictions easing, Biopharma Group is reintroducing in-person lyo training courses as…

Biopharma has added isolators to its range of Fast Air products

Biopharma expands Faster Air range

Biopharma Group | Added: 19 Apr 2021

Biopharma Group has added isolators its the range of Faster Air products delivered to mainland UK.

2020 was an unprecedented year for the freeze-drying industry

How COVID-19 Affected the Freeze-Drying Industry – A Reflection

Biopharma Group | Added: 8 Apr 2021

Biopharma Group has published an article reflecting on the effect of COVID-19 on the freeze-drying …

Steven Copeland

Crowthorne Group welcomes new Sales Manager

Biopharma Group | Added: 7 Apr 2021

With a background in international scientific sales, Steven Copeland joins Crowthorn Group as its n…

Chuck Hauswald, from Biopharma Technology LLC will be guest speaker at the SP LyoLean webinar

SP Scientific books Biopharma Technology LLC’s Chuck Hauswald for LyoLearn webinar

Biopharma Group | Added: 13 Mar 2021

Chuck Hauswald, from Biopharma Technology LLC will be guest speaker at the free SP LyoLean webinar …

Cal Smythe

BPS Crowthorne Extends Its Technical Servicing Offering Across Ireland

Biopharma Group | Added: 20 Oct 2020

BPS Crowthorne welcomes Cal Smythe to its technical team as part of its commitment to offering the …

Investigations indicate liposomes demonstrable potential to be used as a drug carrier

How the Adaptability of Liposomes is helping Overcome Drug Delivery Challenges

Biopharma Group | Added: 18 Oct 2020

The Biopharma Group has reported on recent investigations which indicate liposomes’ potential to be…

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