Heason Technology Ltd

Heason Technology Ltd
Motion Solutions Centre
Spring Copse Business Park
West Sussex
RH12 0SX

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'Slit' packages designed for use on Larmor

Heason Technology Ltd | Added: 25 Sep 2012

Four axis precision slit packages have been developed for the Larmor instrument at STFC’s ISIS neut…


Heason catalogue highlights latest systems

Heason Technology Ltd | Added: 14 Sep 2012

A catalogue, featuring Nanomotion’s ceramic servo motors, piezo sub-systems and drives is available…


Positioning range suits research applications

Heason Technology Ltd | Added: 9 Aug 2012

Heason has released a range of stepper motor driven positioning stages featuring auto tuning and pa…

Heason Motor

Miniature goniometer stage completes range

Heason Technology Ltd | Added: 10 May 2012

The FBG series goniometer is available in four stack sizes that combine to provide a common pivotin…

Heason Motor

Heason unveils miniature ceramic rotary motor

Heason Technology Ltd | Added: 20 Apr 2012

Heason Technology has launched a 15 mm diameter miniature precision rotary servo motor from Nanomot…

Heason offers servomotor products from Baldor

Heason Technology Ltd | Added: 5 Oct 2011

e100 range of servomotor drives and controllers

Heason supplies EPICS-based control systems

Heason Technology Ltd | Added: 13 Apr 2011

NSLS-II National Synchrotron Light Source


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