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Inforsense's CEO moves to more technical role

Inforsense | Added: 14 Jan 2009

Inforsense has appointed its founder, Professor Yike Guo, to the role of chief technology officer a…

Expanded European and North American headquarters

Inforsense | Added: 10 Jan 2007

InforSense, a provider of real-time analytics, announced the expansion of its headquarter offices i…

Delivering integrated pathway analysis workflows

Inforsense | Added: 30 Nov 2006

InforSense reports that it has partnered with Ingenuity Systems, a provider of software and databas…

Richard Solari joins InforSense

Inforsense | Added: 28 Nov 2006

Former oracle leader in business intelligence, data warehousing and analytics strengthens inforsens…

InforSense announces conference series

Inforsense | Added: 14 Nov 2006

InforSense, a provider of enterprise real-time analytics, has announced three upcoming InforSense-h…

InforSense and Thermo in three-year OEM agreement

Inforsense | Added: 13 Oct 2006

InforSense will provide its KDE platform to Thermo for integration into the industry-standard BioWo…

Distribution deal with CTC Lab Systems in Japan

Inforsense | Added: 1 Jun 2006

InforSense announces the appointment of CTC Laboratory Systems (CTCLS) as a distributor in Japan, a…

First InforSense users conference 'a success'

Inforsense | Added: 20 Apr 2006

Global Users Conference


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