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In-Cap capsule filling machine for use with isolation unit

Isopak | Added: 28 Sep 2012

In-Cap capsule filling systems, the smallest fully automatic machines in the world, have now been p…


Students learn the process behind capsule filling

Isopak | Added: 16 May 2012

The University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) is using the In-Cap automatic capsule filling machine …

Tablet press enables water-quality monitoring

Isopak | Added: 22 Jul 2010

CPR-6 automatic tablet press

Isopak to showcase CPR-18 tablet press at PPMA

Isopak | Added: 20 Aug 2008

CPR-18 rotary tablet press

Isopak delivers the goods for MG2

Isopak | Added: 16 May 2008

Innovative dosing of micro amounts of drugs are now available in Britain after Isopak was granted t…

Developing new lab cures for market ills

Isopak | Added: 16 Oct 2007

In-Cap capsule filler

Isopak cure for laborious laboratory process

Isopak | Added: 23 Mar 2007

Easystrip SPB 4


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