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Nanostream to be service provider at Assay Depot

Nanostream | Added: 18 Oct 2007

Assay Depot, an internet marketplace for drug discovery services, reports that Nanostream will join…

Nanostream enters European market

Nanostream | Added: 13 Sep 2007

As part of its growth strategy in Europe, Netherlands office will facilitate sales of Nanostream's …

Breadth of biological assays demonstrated at SBS

Nanostream | Added: 17 Apr 2007

Nanostream LD system

Nanostream to host workshops at LabAutomation 2006

Nanostream | Added: 18 Jan 2006

Workshops at LabAutomation

New director of applications development

Nanostream | Added: 21 Oct 2005

Thomas Onofrey brings experience in developing new application techniques and managing research eff…

Rapidly tabulate ratiometric results for HTS

Nanostream | Added: 11 Aug 2005

Veloce ratiometric assay module

Transform LC into front-end sample prep for MS

Nanostream | Added: 6 Jun 2005

Veloce fraction collector

Engineering VP appointed

Nanostream | Added: 17 May 2005

VP of engineering oversees all facets of development and manufacturing of micro parallel liquid chr…


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