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Insight analyser

QCL unveils particle size and shape analyser

QCL | Added: 22 Mar 2013

The Insight analyser combines two tools for measuring particle size and shape.

Quant FT-NIR analyser features large spectral range

QCL | Added: 25 Oct 2012

The Quant FT-NIR analyser provides rapid non-destructive analysis of food, drink, agricultural and …


QCL launches AquaPro process analyser

QCL | Added: 14 Jun 2012

The AquaPro is the first analyser on the market that offers highly flexible analysis platform for a…

Orion Star LogR Meter enables electrode analysis

QCL | Added: 19 Apr 2010

Orion Star LogR meter

Dual Star Meter simultaneously measures samples

QCL | Added: 9 Oct 2009

Dual Star Meter

QCL offers colorimetry and turbidity meters

QCL | Added: 13 Jul 2009

Aquafast AQIII colorimetry and turbidity meters

Ross Ultra Triode features temperature sensor

QCL | Added: 10 Jul 2009

Ross Ultra Triode

Quadrachem launches FT-NIR analyser

QCL | Added: 18 Dec 2008

Quant FT-NIR analyser

Delta develops melamine screening method

QCL | Added: 18 Dec 2008

NPN-calculated melamine

High performance ammonia ion selective electrode

QCL | Added: 14 Apr 2008

Orion Ammonia Ion Selective Electrode


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