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Latest Articles

Kit enables rapid and sensitive multiplex PCR

Qiagen | Added: 22 Jul 2011

Multiplex PCR Plus kit

Kit for DNA quantification in forensic samples

Qiagen | Added: 23 Mar 2011

Investigator Quantiplex kit

Screengel software for DNA and RNA analysis

Qiagen | Added: 9 Feb 2011

Screengel software

Qiagen instruments to help fight animal diseases

Qiagen | Added: 29 Nov 2010

ESE-Quant Tube Scanners

Products allow molecular analysis of FFPE samples

Qiagen | Added: 4 Nov 2010

Quantifast Probe RT-PCR kits

CE-IVD marked tests for companion diagnostics

Qiagen | Added: 5 Oct 2010

CE- IVD marked tests

Qiasymphony RGQ for molecular diagnostic labs

Qiagen | Added: 7 Sep 2010

Qiasymphony RGQ

PCR Arrays enable gene-expression profiling

Qiagen | Added: 1 Jul 2010

RT2 Profiler PCR Arrays


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