Rohm and Haas
La Tour de Lyon
185, rue de Bercy
75579 Paris Cedex 12

Latest Articles

Rohm and Haas offers drug formulation service

Rohm and Haas | Added: 10 Dec 2008

Flo Vitro dissolution test methodology

Alliance presents promising pipeline of products

Rohm and Haas | Added: 30 Jun 2005

Strategic deal simplifies access to separation media, processes and systems for the manufacturers o…

Resin for RPC final polishing.

Rohm and Haas | Added: 2 Jun 2005

Amberchrom HPR10

Columns for reversed phase chromatography

Rohm and Haas | Added: 9 Feb 2005

Amberchrom Profile

Supporting pharma from discovery to formulation

Rohm and Haas | Added: 5 Nov 2002

General company product range


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