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Epiquik hMeDIP kit for study of 5-hmc

Epigentek | Added: 31 Mar 2011

Epiquik hMeDIP kit

Method for detection of HDMT activity/inhibition

Epigentek | Added: 11 Mar 2011

Epigenase method

Epigentek receives NoA for DNA methylation method

Epigentek | Added: 13 Jul 2010

Quantification of global DNA methylation

Epigentek develops 5-hmC identification method

Epigentek | Added: 30 Jun 2010

5-hmC identification method

Epigentek technology speeds DNA conversion

Epigentek | Added: 9 Mar 2010

Bisulflash DNA Modification Kit

Supersense kit measures global DNA methylation

Epigentek | Added: 2 Oct 2009

Supersense methylated DNA quantification kit

378 specific gene knockdown quantification kits

Epigentek | Added: 25 Jan 2007

QuantiSir series


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