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Custom microarray printing service meets demand

ArrayJet | Added: 14 Feb 2011

custom microarray services

Arrayjet supplies system for proteomic profiling

ArrayJet | Added: 12 Oct 2010

Marathon Inkjet Microarrayer

Arrayjet - latest company news

ArrayJet | Added: 20 Apr 2009

April 20 2009 - Arrayjet has successfully installed a further four instruments in microarray labs a…

Slide stacker provides 'unprecedented' capacity

ArrayJet | Added: 8 May 2008

Ultra-Marathon Inkjet Microarrayer

Software capabilities offer unrivalled flexibility

ArrayJet | Added: 29 Apr 2008

Array Multiplier software

London nano-prototyping foundry takes Sprint

ArrayJet | Added: 23 Oct 2007

Sprint microarrayer

Arrayjet and BioMicro Systems partner in the USA

ArrayJet | Added: 16 May 2007

Arrayjet has appointed BioMicro Systems of Salt Lake City, Utah as its exclusive distribution partn…

Roslin purchases Arrayjet Aj120 microarray spotter

ArrayJet | Added: 26 Sep 2006

Aj120 microarray spotter

Arrayjet's double-header sales success

ArrayJet | Added: 13 Sep 2006

Arrayjet Aj100


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