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Latest Articles

Waldner offers remote fume cupboard monitoring

Waldner | Added: 3 Feb 2011

GotoyourFC and RemoteMC

Energy-saving and cost-reducing lighting concept

Waldner | Added: 6 Jan 2011

Scala lighting system

Waldner seminar declared a success

Waldner | Added: 17 Apr 2008

The latest Waldner seminar, 'The flexible laboratory - does it really exist' was held, in cooperati…

Does the flexible laboratory really exist?

Waldner | Added: 11 Dec 2007

The flexible laboratory

Waldner keeps Dundee on the edge of its seats

Waldner | Added: 2 Nov 2007

MC6 product range

Waldner increases sales force in Ireland

Waldner | Added: 1 Mar 2007

Due to the continued success and market penetration in the Irish market, Waldner has expanded its s…

Service ceiling 'a new dimension in the lab'

Waldner | Added: 2 Oct 2006

Integrated Service Ceiling

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