Kaleido Technology

Kaleido Technology
Ryttermarken 15-21

Latest Articles

Next generation optics for consumer products .

Kaleido Technology | Added: 25 Sep 2006

Kaleido Technology has appointed a new chief executive officer (CEO) to lead its drive to develop t…

Diamond machining delivers ultra-smooth mirrors

Kaleido Technology | Added: 3 Mar 2006

Kaleido has upgraded its capabilities enabling it to produce on-axis, off-axis and free form mirror…

Kaleido Technology appoints new CEO

Kaleido Technology | Added: 30 Nov 2005

The new appointee Jesper Wolf Bek, most recently with Intel, brings a wealth of sales, marketing an…

Free form mirrors are ultra-precise

Kaleido Technology | Added: 4 Nov 2005

Free-form mirrors

Moulded glass lenses are precise but not pricey

Kaleido Technology | Added: 7 Oct 2005

Moulded glass aspheric lenses

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