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CLC bio and BioQL release medical genomics plugin

CLC Bio | Added: 12 Nov 2012

CLC bio and BioQL have released of the MedQL Variant Prioritiser plugin for CLC Genomics Workbench.

Read mapping algorithm 35 times faster than alternatives

CLC Bio | Added: 17 Oct 2012

CLC bio has released a white paper on its new read mapping algorithm for CLC Genomics Workbench ver…


Software provides improved functional genomics analysis

CLC Bio | Added: 13 Aug 2012

CLC Bio has released version 5.5 of its desktop software, CLC Genomics Workbench, alongside CLC Gen…

4DCellFate project launched by the EC

CLC Bio | Added: 13 Feb 2012


CLC bio and VIB agree on regional site license

CLC Bio | Added: 9 Feb 2012

CLC DNA Workbench

CLC offers six-month Genomics Workbench licenses

CLC Bio | Added: 12 Jul 2011

CLC Genomics Workbench software

Chr Hansen selects CLC Bio bioinformatics platform

CLC Bio | Added: 11 Jul 2011

CLC Bio bioinformatics suite

Free sequencing software for Japanese institutions

CLC Bio | Added: 8 Jul 2011

CLC Main Workbench

CLC workbench for de novo assembly of e coli data

CLC Bio | Added: 12 May 2011

CLC Genomics Workbench


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