Celsum Technologies

Celsum Technologies
The Innovation Centre
De Montfort University
49 Oxford Street

Latest Articles

Celsum offers Dynisco's Limiting Oxygen Index

Celsum Technologies | Added: 16 Jul 2009

Limiting Oxygen Index

Dynisco rheometers available from Celsum

Celsum Technologies | Added: 17 Nov 2008

LCR7000 capillary extrusion rheometers

Humidity generator controls sample environment

Celsum Technologies | Added: 30 May 2008

HGC Humidity Generator and Controller

Accelerometer uses cutting-edge technology

Celsum Technologies | Added: 29 May 2007

CTA001 accelerometer

Celsum helps Gammadot to increase the pressure

Celsum Technologies | Added: 2 Feb 2007

ACR 2100 capillary extrusion rheometer


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