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Lehmann to host Elispot meeting

Euroscicon | Added: 18 Dec 2008

Elispot technology

Howat to chair Improving Immunohistochemistry

Euroscicon | Added: 8 Oct 2008

Improving Immunohistochemistry meeting

EuroSciCon to hold meeting on nanoparticle safety

Euroscicon | Added: 9 Sep 2008

Nanoparticle safety

Cut the compromise when returning to science

Euroscicon | Added: 17 Jul 2008

Returning to Science workshop

One-day workshops at the cutting-edge of science

Euroscicon | Added: 16 Jul 2008

One-day workshops

Meeting for women returning to science

Euroscicon | Added: 30 Jun 2008

Women returning to science

Looking for advances in regenerative medicine

Euroscicon | Added: 9 May 2008

Future Advances in Regenerative Medicine

Gene therapy systems and applications

Euroscicon | Added: 9 May 2008

Gene Therapy - Systems and Applications

Visualising cellular function in vivo

Euroscicon | Added: 30 Apr 2008

Visualising Cellular Function

David Whitehouse to chair PCR meeting

Euroscicon | Added: 1 Apr 2008

PCR Perfection: Insider tricks


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