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Latest Articles

MultiMode 8-HR Atomic Force Microscope

MultiMode 8-HR AFM for nanoscale research

Bruker BioSpin | Added: 12 Jan 2016

Bruker’s Nano Surfaces Division has launched the MultiMode 8-HR Atomic Force Microscope (AFM), feat…

Bruker Biospin launches Hyperquant NMR reader

Bruker BioSpin | Added: 15 Sep 2008

Hyperquant bench-top NMR reader

Microcryoprobe wins R+D 100 award

Bruker BioSpin | Added: 28 Jul 2008


NMR spectrometer is 'most highly integrated'

Bruker BioSpin | Added: 30 Aug 2007

AvanceIII NanoBay

Service group expanded to meet customer demand

Bruker BioSpin | Added: 13 Nov 2006

Bruker AXS reports that, in response to a dramatic increase in sales, its customer support departme…

Wide-bore active shielding taken to new heights

Bruker BioSpin | Added: 11 Sep 2006

700/89 UltraShield Plus

Advances in NMR CryoProbe technology

Bruker BioSpin | Added: 11 Sep 2006

TCI CryoProbe and HCP CryoProbe


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